Friday, October 23, 2015

Fall Fun

What is your favorite item for fall? 

I have to admit, I love many things about fall, but one of my favorite items is 1) the cute cardigan below and 2) the awesome booties I got from Target.

I love cardigans for fall because they are great for layering and i love how they have the ability to make your waist look smaller. By hanging down from your chest it creates an illusion that your waist is small. That is why often times I wear black with cardigans because it creates even more of an illusion. It is kind of like wearing baggy shirts... when you get the right one, it can be very flattering because it hides areas you don't like. 

I love these booties because who doesn't like black booties? They are such a staple! But I also love these particular ones because they are black but have brown wooded heels which make it easy to team many different colors with the shoes. A great way to team black and brown together!

What are your favorite fall pieces this year? I would love to have you share with me! 

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