Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tips on Fighting the Urge of Sweets and Carbs

Hey Loves!

I was going to do a typical "Grain free check in" but I thought I would share tips on how I fight the urge of what everyone loves- sugars and carbs!

I have only been grain free for a month so I am not at all an expert- in fact I am still very much learning. But in the month, I have lost 8.5 lbs and have seen healing in so many things including my skin, my sleep, my attitude, etc!

The first thing people typically ask me when I tell them I am making grain free a lifestyle is "How did you stay away from sugars, breads and other carbs? I don't know if I could do it, I love carbs too much!"

Well, I will be the first to say it wasn't easy- especially the first week. But I learned some valuable tips that have helped me stay away from sugars and carbs without hating the grain free lifestyle.

1. Start off the day with a lot of protein. When I first started grain free, I would start my day with greek yogurt and fruit, but because I would get hungry again by lunch and crave sugars, I decided to try something different and start with having eggs first thing in the morning before I left for work. When I did this, I felt full until about 10:30, which is when I ate my yogurt and fruit. That way by lunch, I was not starving so I ate my packed lunch and didn't crave any sugars or carbs.

2. Don't be shy with eating fats! You heard that right. That is one of the first things I learned from a nutritionist when I wanted to make a lifestyle change. We have been tricked into thinking fat free is better but did you know our bodies need fat to properly run and process food and information? I learned a fun fact recently: our brain is made up of 70% fat! So why are we depriving our fat brain of fat when it needs it to run at it's full potential? When I started eating fat (like full fat greek yogurt and more nuts), I realized I stayed full longer, I didn't feel bloated and I wouldn't crave those bad carbs.

3. Drink a lot of water. I know you probably have heard it a million times, but it is no myth. Drinking water has so many benefits from helping your body detox, to giving you energy, and keeping you full, longer. We all know our bodies are made up of a ridiculous amount of water, so once again, why deprive it of something it needs to run at its full potential!?

4. Always have a snack nearby. One thing I have heard a lot is "It's hard to get on a diet like that because I am always on the go". Well, something that has really helped me is to always have a snack nearby. For example, I pack celery and carrots everyday as well as almonds. & in case I am super duper craving sweets, I have a super small stash of 85% cocoa chocolate at my desk. But to be honest, I haven't needed to touch it because I always grab my other snacks first!

5. Find Substitutions. There are so many alternatives now-a-days of eating the foods you love (like pizza and spaghetti) without including the sugars and grains. For example, one substitute I have found is using zucchini as noodles (using a spiralizer) and then making my own homemade sauce (to guarantee no hidden sugars) or buy organic, no sugar added sauce (which you can get at whole foods). It is delicious and guilt free. Go ahead, try it!

Hopefully these are easy tips on how you can take that next step towards a healthier you! The best advice, take one step at a time... there is no need to rush! (Do you know that song? HA!)

Have a great day!

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  1. I have cut out added sugar in my diet (at least for March, we'll see how long it lasts) and I already feel better. I've eaten more fruit and have used honey as a substitute for sugar in cobblers, etc. But, I'd never be able to get rid of carbs, especially because Italian is my favorite kind of food...but, we buy whole grain or multi grain flour and noodles, so that's better than white and enriched!


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