Friday, March 13, 2015

The Healing Power of Food

Happy Friday Loves!! 

I hope everyone had a great week. This week was tough for me because we unfortunately had massive layoffs at my work. Thankfully, I am still employed but it's hard to feel joyous when your friends and colleagues said their goodbyes. But either way, God has a plan for each and every person and the best is yet to come for them... I know it!

So I posted this picture on instagram this morning and I am so excited to share more with you about what this picture represents. 

As a lot of you know, I have started doing grain free. I decided at the start of this year that this year would be the year of fasting for me. So one goal of mine with that was to take out certain things in my diet to really learn how my body reacts to certain foods.

Well, I prayed about what I should fast on and the first thing I fasted on was sugars. Each fast being 21 days, I focused on how my body responded to getting rid of sugars. It responded very well. I was less bloated, my skin got better, I was less groggy. So as I prayed to God for my next fast and also to help me lose weight, I felt in my spirit that I was to start eating what He had created, not what was "man-made". Then shortly after, my good friend randomly talked to me about grain free and overall just eating all natural, non processed foods. It's almost like a light bulb switched on in my mind like "Duh- makes total sense- I need to stop eating preservatives and other things my body wasn't meant to process."

So I started on my journey of grain-free. I always felt bloated after eating grains, sugars and preservative packed foods... and not only that, but my skin never reacted well. I have always suffered from having terrible acne, to the point of having to go on heavy meds to maintain it. It has gotten better over the years, but it never completely went away.

I have almost hit my 21 day mark of grain free. As I mentioned in my post on Monday, I have lost 7 lbs, and feel SO much better. A bonus? My skin has completely cleared up. The picture above was taken 2 nights ago when I got out of the shower, face clean- & clear! I was so pumped.

I am on no meds or treatments anymore. I sometimes have skipped washing my face at night even! & no breakouts. I am learning more and more how there is such healing power in FOOD! Food that God created for us to enjoy. :)

Some natural things I am doing to help?
1. Bentonite. It's a detoxing clay that absorbs toxins in your body. It sometimes clogs me up but just I just have to be diligent about drink a lot of water (which is great for you anyway!)
2. Coconut Oil. I have started using it with everything. On my body, face, food, etc. It has become my secret weapon. It moisturizes my body, it's a great oil to cook with, and it doesn't cause my skin to be more oily! Better yet, my friend just informed me of "oil pulling" with coconut oil which is when you swish the oil around your mouth for 20 minutes and it removes toxins and gunk. So cool! I have yet to try that but  I definitely am going to start.
3. If I am craving sweets, I will allow myself 85-90% cocoa chocolate (like 1 square) and team it up with fresh berries. I try not to do that on a daily, but for you ladies that go through that time of the month, you know what I am talking about with cravings! 

All in all, I have stopped eating foods with ingredients I cannot pronounce. I have started eating all natural foods with no preservatives and eliminated all grains. & I honestly have not felt better. It started being another fast, and now I WANT to make it a lifestyle. I do not think I have ever said that about any type of diet change. 


  1. Awesome! I'm going to try 21 days starting Monday!

  2. You go girl! haha I really need to hop on this train soon!

  3. My husband and I are cutting out additional sugars and trying to minimize our grain intake. Last year we eliminated processed and unpronounceable foods from our diet. I have a hard time with sugar because I love my sweet coffee in the morning. It is practically the only processed sugar I have during the day. Otherwise I have fruit...

  4. I love your will power! I just love food so much I don't think I could do anything like that. Happy it's working out great for you.

  5. My sister is vegan and going to school for a degree in nutrition, so I have seen the great effects an all natural, healthy diet has on the body, so glad you've found your own path to better health!

  6. Glad you are finding ways to stick with it. I've failed many times at this. You look fresh and healthy.


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