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Let Your Light Shine Thursday Link-Up!

It's that time again!!

Let Your Light Shine Thursday!

Morgan and I met in 2008 and became roommates shortly after that. The first word that comes to mind when I think of Morgan is exuberance. She is so full of life, energetic, lively, vivacious, a go-getter, cheerful and has a smile that lights up a city. She has inspired me to be live life to the fullest because she is the perfect definition of it … I am so thankful to call her my friend! You’ll know exactly what I am talking about just by reading a tid-bit about her in the interview below. Meet my gorgeous (inside and out) and talented friend, Morgan!

Go ahead and say hello to Morgan personally by visiting her blog, Construction2style!

1- Where are you from?

Born and raised in the small town of Roseau, MN. Went to school in Long Beach, CA while living in Huntington Beach for 5 years. I now reside in Otsego, MN but we will be on the move soon enough!

2- What is your blog about and what do you primarily talk about?

I blog over at alongside my husband about our home remodels, renovations, DIY projects and of course our little guy, Greyson.

3- How did construction2style come about ?

When I first met my husband, Jamie in 2011 I was blown away by his carpentry skills. I was always showing him pictures of things I loved and without question he would build it for me in no time. Jamie is extremely creative and has a good eye for design. We started collaborating on furniture ideas and started working more together on these projects. We had so much fun I told him we needed to start a blog so I could show off his talents. At first we just blogged about DIY projects and then he bought his first home to flip towards the end of that year and we started to blog about his home renovations and remodels as well.

4- Tell us a bit about yourself. What are some of your hobbies? What do you like to do outside of blogging?

Do bloggers have hobbies?! Haha! Once you become a home renovation blogger your hobbies (outside of renovating your home) become limited! :) Especially when you blog about DIY projects, work full time and have a husband and son to take care of. Any free time I do have I am usually spending that time reading.

5- How has your life changed since being a mother?

Honestly, besides being overly obsessed with another little human being, it really hasn’t. People always warned me to “do things now while you still can.” I don’t understand that comment and probably never will. I am doing more now than I was before. If anything, it makes me want to work harder to set an example for my son and build us a brighter future! I’m a mom and I still enjoy my family, work, read, drink wine, hang out with my girls, travel, attend events, you name it! The one thing that I have noticed that changed is we can no longer spontaneously run to a movie in the theatre. Not that we did that often, but it is something we have been craving to do but really can’t without a plan.

6- What is the most rewarding thing about being a wife and mother?

My role as a wife and mother are irreplaceable. Noone else- EVER- can have my role, and that is an indescribable feeling and pretty cool. I absolutely love being a mother but I love being a wife even more. Once you are married there are no rules or boundaries. You create the life you want with your partner. We wanted a family and for that to be priority (we are still wrangling out the number details… ). In our household, there are things Jamie and I are both good and really bad at. Fortunately we balance one another out and in turn that has led to us needing, wanting and appreciating one another. Jamie can’t make food for the life of him and I have accepted that and now always make dinner. I don’t have any patience for matching our socks, so he always takes care of that! He needs me, wants me and prides me, and that is a reward. Not one single time in the years that I have known him has he left my side without giving me a kiss goodbye and saying thank you (even on the bad days). We remind ourselves of the promise we made to serve one another not yearly on our anniversary but daily.  

7- What is something unique about you that other’s may not know?

Oh boy...I’m a pretty open book so there isn’t a lot of things people don’t know. I texted a few of my close friends and asked them this question and they said: “You’ve had a job since you were 5. You are from a town 5 miles from Canada. Senior year of high school you were voted “workaholic.” Your grandpa served as United States Secretary of Agriculture under Jimmy Carter. “Your positive outlook on life is so contagious and that is clear for everyone to see. You bring so much joy to everyone that’s around you and truly make people want to be better! I think the reasons why you live life to its fullness is for a few reasons that people may not know. Not only were you genetically made up a happy person, but with the passing of your incredible father, the incarceration of your brother and your love for Christ, your outlook on life is something that can’t be taught. I’m proud to call you my best!!”

8- How do you stay inspired?

Jamie inspires me and I get to wake up and go to bed with him every night, so I am constantly being energized. My work also inspires me. Luckily, I get to go to a full time job at a marketing agency that is full of creative people. Everyday I am inspired by the people I surround myself with.

9- You make being busy look easy, how do you do it all?

The busier I am the more I get done and the easier it is. It’s weird. I love lists. I make yearly, monthly, weekly and daily lists. I look at my list every night for the next day and I wake up and get it done. I don’t sit and ponder. I get moving!

10- How do you let your light shine? (this could be anything really. From being intentional about being kind, volunteering, helping your kids, etc …)

Every single morning I pray that somehow God can let his light shine through me. I always want people to be able to see Christ through me through my behavior, not my words. Throughout the day I try to stay as positive as I can (I definitely have my moments) and I smile...A LOT. It’s one of the easiest things you can do to brighten someones day, simply smile.

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