Monday, March 9, 2015

Grain Free Week 2 Check In

Hi Everyone!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! 

Mine was oh so busy, but what's new? I feel like I say that every Monday.

This weekend I celebrated life with friends on a party bus, celebrated my bestie's birthday on Saturday and today I was able to catch up on grocery shopping and food- prepping for this coming week!

Well, I have great news- week 2 on this grain free lifestyle has put my weightloss down over 6 pounds! Another 3.5 pounds this week!

- I feel way more energized. 
- My skin is cleared up! It's amazing!
- I sleep so much better. I literally didn't wake up once when I fell asleep.

I have been doing more and more research on what I am putting in my body and how it effects what. It's amazing to learn how many chemicals/ "not-natural" food I have been putting in my body for far too long!

My body is definitely still in detox mode. I am finding I get slightly moody when I am craving the "bad stuff" like grains and sugars. Letting go of sugars has been the hardest thing because I am obsessed with chocolate! But I have discovered a great thing called stevia that I will drink with a little tea to help me get rid of the craving. Also, fruit helps. 

I had a tiny bit of frozen yogurt on Thursday to "treat" myself and that little bit put me over the edge! I am happy about it because that shows that my body is rejecting the processed sugars! Yay! Ha ha!

I have also been adding some supplements in my diet to help with the change in lifestyle:

1. I added a probiotic to help with my digestive system. I take it on an empty stomach when I wake up in the am.
2. I started taking Physillium Husks twice daily. This is a natural fiber supplement that helps with digestion. Its a great natural detox!
3. I just started taking bentonite clay that is a natural healing clay that helps the body absorb toxins.  I will be taking this once to twice daily with meals. We will see if it helps!

Overall, I am still in full throttle for grain free. I haven't seen this big of a change in me in a long time. I know i said I was going to exercise everyday this week, but it ended up only being about 3 times (zumba/cardio, more cardio, and yoga) and I still was seeing weightloss. 

What supplements have helped you stay on track with your lifestyle change? Any tips for a newbie like me??

Have a good Monday!


  1. I don't know if I could give up grains, I love pasta and bread too much! My sister did the Whole30 challenge recently and that really helped her. I think knowing you're not alone is really motivating!

  2. 3 days a week is still huge! I have been terrible about eating lately, and its definitely showing in my skin :/

  3. Yum! This meals prepping looks so yummy! I have definitely been struggling with planning out healthy options! I think its awesome that you are going grain free! :)

  4. Nikki @ www.MBAsahm.comMarch 11, 2015 at 6:11 AM

    Wow, this is so great to see your results!! I've been trying to change up my family's diet as well so this is definitely motivating! Thanks :)

  5. You are doing amazing! Do you eat the vegetables raw or do you use humus or something to dip it in?

  6. I commend you on this journey! Giving up grains is one of the hardest things to do!


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