Friday, March 20, 2015

#EatingtoLive: Grain Free Update Week 3

Hey Everyone!

I know I said I was going to post this on Wednesday (my bad!) but with being gone from work in the early week, I had so much catching up to do and then the nights were of course packed with things. How does life get so busy?! 

I am so excited to say I reached my goal of 21 days of grain free. I told myself if I could do it and saw results, I would make it a lifestyle. So, here are my results! 

During the 21 days:
- I stopped eating processed foods
- Started pre-packing all my meals (stopped eating out as much as possible and also stopped buying food at work)
- Eliminated all grains from my diet

- I lost 8 lbs in 21 days with minimal exercise
- My skin has cleared up
- Less bloated
- More energy
- Better sleep

I am so happy and thankful for the results I have seen. I am on track to be hitting 10 lbs by next week! I am so excited to finally feel like I will get to the weight I have been desiring for years! It's so great to know what my body doesn't agree with as well.

I'm so excited to continue on this journey. Thank you all for the support!!



  1. Isn't the paleo diet amazing?!
    For me, it was the opposite. Because my gut was so messed up from the long term antibtiotics, my body wasn't able to absorb the proper nutrients my body needed, so I was losing weight and couldn't gain a pound .. I was under weight for my age. I knew had to heal my gut by eating properly, which led me to start the paleo diet. 4 months into my diet, I noticed a big change in how I felt (it helped my lyme disease a lot) because my gut was healing, and slowly after that I started to gain weight! I gained about 8 pounds since last year! Yay to Paelo! Are you going to stick to the diet?!

  2. Wow! This is super impressive. I've been trying to tone down grains as well and it's so difficult. More so for the feel good benefits of feeling more awake, energized, and sleeping better. The bonus of better skin is a total plus! Great job!


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