Thursday, February 19, 2015

Let Your Light Shine Link-Up! #Herlightshines: Andie Conn

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I hope everyone is having a great week! As many of you know, we have a new co- host for LYLS Thursday link-ups. Aisha and I (two Aisha's! Still can't get over it) have discussed ways on how we can "re-vamp" this link up every week and because this link- up is called Let Your Light Shine, we want to get to know you better by not just presenting a cute outfit or great post, but give you the opportunity to share how your light shines. Please contact me if you would like to be featured on #Herlightshines for our link ups! 


Today on the link up, please say hello to Andie Conn! You can also go say hello to her personally by visiting her blog, Bravely!

1.       What is your name? Andie Conn.

2.       Where are you from? I was born and raised in Texas but have lived in Missouri for seven years now. I may be in South Korea soon!

3.       What is your blog called and what do you primarily talk about? (include link) My blog is called Bravely, a Christian community overcoming depression and despondency with creativity and passion. I write about DIY projects, organization, faith, holistic wellness, and gluten free recipes. I also conduct interviews with real people every Monday for inspiration and encouragement, and I have started a kindness challenge including weekly prompts every Sunday.

4.       What do you do for a living? Not much right now! My husband is a teacher and we are in the process of applying to teach overseas. I'm so excited to go on such a big adventure!

5.       Tell us a bit about yourself. What are some of your hobbies? What do you like to do outside of blogging? I like to do so many things! I am an artist, and I really enjoy making illustrations in my spare time (I've always had a dream of writing and illustrating a children's book). Reading, journaling, crafting, exercising, hiking, shopping for weird sweaters, touching every cat I see, watering my many succulent plants, learning the basics of the Korean language, drinking tea, making gluten free treats, and giving my husband kisses are all some of my favorite activities! I stay pretty busy (:
6.       What is something unique about you that others may not know? I am probably single-handedly keeping Ben and Jerry's in business. Also, confession: I like to dress up, but my husband buys about 99% of my clothes and still helps me get dressed on some mornings. He's the most fashion-wise straight person I know. For real, though.

7.       In what way do you let your light shine? ( this could be anything really. From being intentional about being kind, volunteering, helping your kids, etc.) I try to let my light shine by surprising others with little handmade gifts and trinkets, often anonymously.

8.       If you could have one quote that you would want people to remember you by, what would it be? (your favorite quote) "I write when I’m inspired, and I see to it that I’m inspired at nine o’clock every morning." – Peter De Vries

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  1. Thanks for introducing Andie and her blog to us. Enjoyed reading about her. ~Cynthia

  2. Andie, you are absolutely adorable!! I love that your husband picks out outfits for you! Going to Korea would be such an amazing experience for the both of you ... excited to hear more about this! If I am ever in Missouri, we HAVE to meet! :)

  3. How exciting Andie may soon be teaching overseas soon! Lovely pic (three generations, perhaps?). Thanks for hosting this link-up, Aisha! T.


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