Saturday, February 28, 2015

I Am Free!

The morning I wake up and realize....

I am free.

Free of worrying.
Free of dealing with crap I shouldn't.
Free from accepting things when I deserve better.
Free from letting anything bother me.
Free from feeling inadequate.
Free from anger, sadness, etc.
Free from insecurity.

This morning I wake up and realize I have the choice to be free today or live in bondage with certain things in life. 

The beauty of of it is that it's a choice.

I can get rid of all of the crap and just be free.

I choose freedom! 

I choose to let it ALLLL go. 

And we all have heard it "those that are free, are free indeed"

I am free!!!

Man, it feels good. 

Now I can be the true Me. Not the me that is defined with all those other things. 

Choose Freedom.

Bow Chicka Wow Wow!



  1. That's great!! Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. This post is very encouraging. I need to be set free in some ways.

  3. I love this and it totally is true! The way we perceive and respond to things is a big deal and we definitely have the power to be free like God created us to be or to be taken bondage by negative thoughts and feelings that the Devil wants us to be ensnared by.

  4. Way to go! IT sounds like you know what you want

  5. You have a great writing style! I think this is so is a decision to just let all the "stuff" go!

  6. Kim Byars CroisantMarch 1, 2015 at 9:02 AM

    Awesome post for me to read today. Thank you for sharing. Being free is a beautiful thing!

  7. That picture! So cute. And yes - we are free to all make our own choices in life.

  8. This is something that my husband tells me everyday! And I am trying so hard to just live and let go. But I have lived trapped by what people think or what they say for so long it is taking some time for me to be free. I am glad I found this post. This will help me to become free of everything that is on my mind and all the things that are holding me back! Thank you for this post!

  9. Great post! I tend to get bogged down in life's nonsense and it's inspiration to read this!

  10. You go girl! That is absolutely the best outlook to have! I want to free my mind as well! I hate that I let myself get so far off of reading your blog. I forgot how much you inspire me with your positivity!


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