Friday, February 27, 2015

A Thank You Letter

I woke up today feeling thankful. 

Thankful for you guys- my blog community.

You guys see and embrace my blog, my personal diary, my sanctuary. 

You listen to my thoughts, my ideas, my heart, my rants, my shpeels. & I have never received a negative or disheartening word from anyone. You guys only support and encourage me. You give me great advice and share your heart and life with me. It is so great to have a community where I can feel safe and welcomed.
I am so thankful that you feel you can open up to me as I open my heart and life up to you. I truly feel my blog is a true representation of my life. You see me during days of despair and days of joy and you just continue to be a light in my life.

I wanted to write a thank you post to you. 

Thank you for your continual support.



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