Monday, January 26, 2015

It's Better To Be ________ Deprived Than God Deprived

Hi Everyone! 

I am so happy to be back! My fast is now over!

For those who don't know, I fasted from social media, netflix and blogging for 21 days to start off the New Year. I have to say, it was much more beneficial that I thought it would be. & by beneficial, I mean it gave me the ability to "unplug", focus more time on things I wanted to (like prayer!) and helped me understand self-discipline and self- deprivation a little bit more.

I realized how consumed I was by social media and how much time it took away from things I love! I literally felt like I couldn't be away from social media because I would "miss" what was going on but in actuality, I was paying way too much detail and time in other people's lives than I was my own. I was too pre-occupied worrying about everyone else than really focusing on Aisha. 

After 3 weeks of separation, I got onto social media this morning, checked up on people and things and literally realized- wow, I didn't miss that much. & the people/things I always wanted to check up on because I needed to know what was up, didn't give me any sort of gratification this morning. 

The main thing I realized: How much time and energy I was giving to people and things when I should have been focusing my energy on myself, my family, my dreams!!! Not to mention how crazy that sounds, right?? 

I was happier with myself because I wasn't comparing myself to girls in bikinis on the fitness pages on instagram, I felt more self worth and fulfillment because I focused my energy on the Lord and on things/people I love, and I also lost a lot of anxiety I had when comparing myself to others because their instagram showed them doing something I thought was cooler than what I was doing. 

That was not the point of my post, believe it or not. What I wanted to talk about today was how I learned about self-deprivation- and the importance of it. 

I am a person that has let anger consume me, jealousy overpower my reasoning, the need of control to impact my decision making. 

All of those things were self-consuming, when Jesus has called His children to be selfless servants. 

I had to put things that consumed me aside to honor God and be intentional with our relationship. 

In a sermon at our church, a guest pastor said this: "It's better to be ____ deprived than God deprived". 

That was eye opening for me. What would I give up to have God every single day, every single second, for the REST. OF. ETERNITY. 


I want to live for what counts. Jesus. 

I am drawing the line of conviction. I am drawing the line of association. I am drawing the line of confidence.

I don't have to give up my morals or beliefs or compromise those things to please others or because someone else thinks their way of doing things is the right way. I don't have to settle to fit in or be like everyone else. Because God has set me apart from the world and from myself to be completely reliant on Him.

So I will give up relationships, material things, the need for control, and everything else that can separate me from God because He is the only thing I need. 

I no longer want to be independent from Him. 

Who knew fasting from social media would show me all that?! 

He is good, ya'll!



More on the sermon of drawing the line: The Year of the Line


  1. Isn't this the truth. The thing about blogging is that it is driven by social media. I also tried to give up social media last year and found out I was missing out since we had just moved cross country and I felt out of the loop. Anyway, the problem for most is that social media can easily become an idol, taking the place of God, family, etc... Fasting like you did is a great way to reevaluate where your at. Great job!

  2. Great read, now if only I could unplug from social media!

  3. That is a great testimony...good for you! We all need to be living for Jesus!!

  4. Wow! I'm doing the 7 Experiment and I only have to go 7 days media free - and I'm thinking that's going to be close to impossible! Good for you.

  5. I am glad that you had an introspective look into your life!

  6. That is amazingly long time to be away - good for you! I'm glad it brought you peace and new insight :)

  7. Great post! Thanks for sharing.

  8. I need to unplug. I have been feeling like I should for some time, it's just making the decision to do it. Thank you for the reminder!

  9. This is perfect! I completely agree that God should come first in our lives.

  10. I need to do this too! I actually have unplug for a week as one of my bucket list goals! If you could do 21 days then I can do 1 week! =)

  11. Nikki @ www.MBAsahm.comJanuary 27, 2015 at 7:59 AM

    Great post and so, so, so true. I need to try a similar fast! Glad it had such great results for you :)

  12. YES! I want to do 7 days but we'll see.

  13. Yes, so true! It's very important to unplug and see what really matters!

  14. I can relate, it's hard staying balanced

  15. We are so guilty for living for the affirmation of others and sometimes value theirs over what God says about us. Taking some time away is so good for the soul.

  16. I have definitely come to the realization that social media can easily become not healthy! Good for you for unplugging! I personally have taken social media off of my phone because I would just waste tim. Now if I want to see I have to go on my computer, not as convenient! I really love what your pastor said, it puts everything in perspective! I shared on my blogs Facebook page :)

  17. Great post. I unplugged for a few weeks when I was going through some personal issues and, I can tell you it made me open my eyes to the things I was neglecting. I now spend fewer hours on social media. I spend more time with my family, praying and take much needed me time.Thank you for sharing your beautiful testimony.

  18. Great post! We need fast sometimes:) It's good to forget about internet for couple of weeks.

  19. Having something to live for and a focus to our time is important. I catch myself on social media way more than I should, and finding time for spiritual growth does get pushed to the side way too much.

  20. Valerie@occasionally craftyJanuary 28, 2015 at 9:27 PM

    Great lesson for all of us! Thanks for sharing your experience :)


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