Monday, November 3, 2014

A God of My Soul

Hey Everyone!

I hope you all had wonderful weekend :) 

I had a great weekend. It was full of family fun and relaxation. Halloween was fun- although I only got one tricker treater! So W & I had a night in, ordered some pizza, and had a Game of Thrones marathon. 

Usually on Mondays I will post an outfit post but I feel like doing something different today so thanks in advance for being patient with me and allowing me to share something with you today.

Sometimes I feel I ask Jesus for things and I find Him working on something totally different. Or I will expect Him to do it some way but He will do it a totally different way. 

Frustrating right?! Not anymore- because I have learned that when my experience doesn't line up with my expectation, Jesus is trying to reveal Himself to me.

For example, when I started my job, my expectation was that I was going to do great. I knew God blessed me with this job and I knew His anointing was over me. I went in confident but quickly became discouraged. From a series of things that happened over the course of me working, I felt people were looking for me to fail, I felt I wasn't as good as I should be, etc. Through the series of different events, I would ask Jesus to help me fix it, to help me shine. I was in a place that I was expecting Jesus to fix things, but found my patience, my strength, and my faith were being tested. My experience was not at all lining up with what I was expecting. 

I was holding on to faith the best I could. I asked why He was testing me when I felt so broken down. It wasn't until one day at church that one of the women at my church called my name and started saying such prophetic things to me. The Lord was speaking to me through her  and I knew it because I hadn't told anyone how I was feeling. There was no way she would have known. 

"I have not brought you this far to fail you. Stop worrying. I am your Provider. I see you in the midnight hour. I will always provide for you."
Those words among other things were confirming to me that Jesus was talking directly to me.  It's funny because when He said "I see you in the midnight hour", I was up literally every night because I was so worried about things and I would ask Jesus to help. Isn't that beautiful? When I was talking to Jesus in the midnight hour- I couldn't see Him, but He was there.

He told me things that were going to happen and not even two weeks later they came to fruition/started coming to fruition. 

He revealed to me that going through what I went through made me guard my heart, it made me stronger, but most importantly- He showed me how much I relied on Him each day. I didn't know what the future held but I held onto Him and His word. It strengthened my faith and my soul. 

While I was wanting God to fix my circumstance, He was fixing my soul. 

God is not only a God of our circumstance, but a God of our soul.

But isn't it great- that He can do both??

He took me through a season of greatening my faith, in living a life of constant reliance of Him. Going through hard times led me to repentance, it led me to be more humble. I no longer fear that God is not with me, does not hear me, or does not have a greater plan for my life.

I go to work everyday. Every time I walk through the doors to work, I am reminded of how God brought me through and made everything better.

Get this- I am now so thankful I went through what I did!

He is the God of my Soul. He was getting to the root of the issue- my trust in Him. The worrying, anxiety, and fear were fruits of not trusting Him. My life still has issues that come up everyday, but I am able to look at them and remember that God has His hand on it and everything will be okay- before, I may have not been able to say that.

I no longer ask "why Jesus" but "what". What are you trying to reveal to me Jesus?

If something you are experiencing is not lining up with your expectation- Jesus may very well trying to reveal Himself to you.

I encourage you to ask Jesus what He is wanting to reveal to you today. Whether everything is going great or you are going through some trouble times. Ask God what He is wanting to reveal to you today. 

The God of my Soul.



  1. Thank you for this beautiful reminder! Happy Monday to you!

  2. I LOVE this post. Beyond love. Thanks for the words and reminder.

  3. Thanks girl! I hope you had a great Monday as well :)

  4. Thanks, Deidre! I always love your posts :) Thanks for you love and support!

  5. He's amazing like that! Sometimes when I think I can't hear him, I remember he probably already told me what to do.. ;)

  6. Ha! Ha! That is So true! :)

  7. I could not agree more. I always love reading your post and relate :)

  8. Aw thanks Erica! That's means a whole lot. I appreciate your love and support :)

  9. No harm in shaking things up :) Sounds like a wonderful weekend, too!

  10. This is so totally appropriate for my life right now. I have endured about 18 months of crap I never saw coming. Right after I got married, the list includes: my mom getting cancer, her dying, losing my job of 5 years, both me and my spouse getting severely depressed . Sometimes I feel like I'm never gonna get out of this rut, and that we've only been married for two years, this should be our honeymoon phase. But... I have to remember, All of this is leading me to be a stronger person later for who knows what reasons. Thanks for posting this. I really needed it today.

    "I have not brought you this far to fail you. Stop worrying. I am your Provider. I see you in the midnight hour. I will always provide for you." I just need to remember this today.

  11. I am so glad this was able to help you today, Lana. I can relate to hard times where you feel things are not getting better- but the great news is that it does. What really made a different for me is that I started thanking Jesus in my prayers for what is to come instead of praying for the current season to end. It seems that made a huge difference. It helped me stay optimistic and faith-full for the future. :) I will lift you up in prayer, today!

  12. Thanks for stopping by!

  13. Thanks, Jennifer!


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