Monday, October 20, 2014

What Really Defines A True Friend

Over the years, I have been taken on different journeys when it comes to friendships. I have realized who were never my friends, who were temporary friends, and what really defines a true friend. 

I was able to start understanding what defines a true friend when I became friends with Jesus. I grew up in church, always believed in God and grew up knowing Jesus died on the cross for my sins. But it wasn't until I welcomed Jesus intimately into my life that I saw how He was the friend I always wanted, and most importantly, needed. 
John 15:12-17

I believe I have become a better friend because of what Jesus has taught me, and it has also made me realize certain friendships that I need to distant myself from and/or give up.

There are 5 main characteristics of true friends that the Word has helped me identify.
 It is something that has helped me be able to screen myself on if I am being a true friend and also screen those who claim to be my friends.

1] True Friends are Futuristic. Your friends should not be scared of your success, or are okay with your success as long as you don't become more successful than them. True friends are always thinking about your destiny and cheering you on. They are not going to hold you back but instead, help you achieve your goals. I know I have come across so many "friends" that would become envious, jealous or just evil if they thought I was more successful that them. It is not a competition.

Proverbs 18:24, Proverbs 27:6

2] True Friends are Faithful. Your friends will go on your journey with you, no matter what type of things may come up. They remain true and honest when others may not.

3] A Circle of Friends are Forgiving. We have all battled with forgiveness... it's easier said than done. But your true friends? They will forgive you and move forward with you. They always look for the best in you, just as Jesus looks at the best in us. After all, He is our prime example of what forgiveness looks like!

4] A Circle of Friends are Fireproof. They will go through tribulations with you. They will stick with you. We all go through hard times, and sometimes there are people that only want to be there if things are going great. Those are not true friends. True friends will be by your side when you are at your lowest and be there to help you get back up.

5] A Circle of Friends are FRUITFUL! True friends cause your to grow. They don't hold you back or assist you in staying in the same place. We are all meant to grow together, not get stuck in the weeds. & that's what true friends are there for- to help you grow and help you become better. To help you be more fruitful than the day before, the week before and the year before!

Do you have friends that you considered true that may not be meeting all of these qualifications? 
I know I did. You deserve the best-- and that includes having the best people in your life.


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  1. Love this post and that outfit! So cute. I do have a few close friends and it is nice.

  2. Thanks, Sarah!

  3. Thanks, Sarah. I have a few close friends, as well- & I am thankful! :)

  4. Your outfit is adorable! And I have a few friends that fit your description of a true friend...I wouldn't be where I am today without them

  5. You look lovely and I alway love reading the scriptures. Thanks

  6. That's great! It's such a blessing to have those friends. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. What great points! Having true friends in your life is so important! Love that cute outfit on you! I am following you back on GFC! :)

  8. Thanks girl! :) :)

  9. Friends are so so important. Love this perfect fall ensemble and your lipstick! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  10. Great post, Aisha! Yes I agree! I also believe true friends are honest, they are going to tell you like it is and not just tell you what you want to hear. :)

  11. I totally agree with this list. it's so true.

  12. Such a great list!

  13. Yes! I hope you have some friends that fit the whole list ;)

  14. I am glad you think so! Thanks for stopping by, Ashley!

  15. They sure are! I have a few friends like that :)

  16. Thanks dear!

  17. Amen, what great characteristics. I have two friends that meet those. I love how they pray for me and are with me through thick and thin. Great post and outfit. I love meeting new bloggers, especially fashion bloggers that are believers. Will follow you via bloglovin Rachel xo


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