Tuesday, October 14, 2014

New Art + A Lie List

Hello Everyone! 

I hope you have had a wonderful start to your week. 

I have recently gotten a lot of confirmation about how I can conquer my dreams. When I was a little girl (even now) I dreamed of owning my own business, my own clothing line more specifically, so I could do what I love. I always took design classes, kept up with the latest fashion, even studied in the fashion capital of the world. But for some reason, I still ended up working doing something that isn't my dream. 

I have learned about a lie list. 
Basically, you write down everything you think of yourself. You then use scripture and Godly friends/family to go through the list with you to identify what is a lie and what scripture really says you are. 

So I did it. I didn't realize how many lies I believed about myself- including that I am not good enough to be an artist/ designer. 

Have you ever done something like this before?
If you haven't, I would highly recommend it. Take an hour with a good friend and be open and honest with it. You will be amazed at the lies you believe.

& then I got inspiration from my dear friend Jena, who recently obeyed her calling and followed her dreams and passions. She has started a shop of her illustrations (they are beautiful!) & it has soared! See her site here. It is truly beautiful and inspirational to see that with God, all things are possible. 

With knowing what my dream is, calling out the lies I believed, and getting inspiration from the Lord and friends, I have started to dip into my passion little by little. I have started really doing what I love. I have started painting, messing around with different styles of paint, and drawing ideas of what my dream line would look like so that my dreams stay constantly in my mind. I know after time, God will grant me the desires of my heart- I believe it!

I am so excited for the things that I have in store. Things I have planned with people and on my own. I love how God is bringing everything together so I can truly be happy and do what I love.

Here are a couple of my paintings. They are just a start, but it's truly what I enjoy doing on my free time!

This is my second canvas painting.. no stenciling! It love the glitter touch. 
"perfect love casts out fear" 1 John 4:18

This was my first time experimenting with watercolor. The dress was my first ever and the trees were my second. I am trying to focus on what brushes I should use as well as shading of the colors!

I would love your feeback and any tips/tricks!



  1. Your work is absolutely gorgeous! The watercolor you did on that dress is phenomenal. When I saw it on Instagram I immediately thought, "I NEED THAT!" Love it. And I love the idea of a Lie List. I have never heard of something like that before, but that would be an absolutely phenomenal way of boosting your confidence in yourself and in your faith.

  2. Thanks, Aisha! Cheers to following your dreams and God's will for your life!

  3. LOVE your work! So pretty. I think I may have to sit down and create a lie list of my own :)

  4. Those are so beautiful!!! I love them! Girl you have talent and you should definitely explore that further!

  5. Also, the lie list is a wonderful idea. I am sure that there are many lies that I tell myself regularly out of fear and I need to do better.

  6. I've never done a "lie list", but I have been in therapy, and it sounds pretty similar! Love the idea!


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