Friday, October 10, 2014

My Life in Black & White

Friday Is Here!!

This week has been great but busy! Week over week, my life is very routine. I would love more spontaneity. I need to start making that a priority. 

I thought for Five on Friday, I would show you glimpses of my life in black and white :)

I actually wore makeup! LOL I hardly ever wear makeup. I am just too lazy. Until people start asking if I am okay or if I am sick... that signals to me that I may need some color on my skin aka bronzer! LOL 

It felt great getting back into the gym this week (this was on my fall bucket list! See more here!). My muscles are so sore but the hurt feels good! 

I saw this awesome quote. "A real optimist does not believe that the glass is half full. A  real optimist believes that the whole glass is full."

That is a great statement. It makes me think of the verse "My cup overflows with your blessings."( Psalm 23:5) So to be even more optimist- My glass overflows! 

I sometimes make it a focus to study on one thing I want to get better at. I have shown my study journal on my blog before, but I love to study on the bus on my way to work. It is a great way to put reminders in my mind and an overall great way to start the day- in the Word.  (also part of my bucket list!). Right now I am focusing on being loving and showing perfect love.

I have pulled out my fall/ winter clothes and that includes all of my cardigans. I am huge on cardigans but this is my all time favorite. I got it from Italy. It's is perfectly over-sized and comfy! :)

What did your week look like? 
Have any fun plans??



  1. Crazy busy and in it's ow way a bit stressful. I am so thankful for down time this weekend and I am avoiding social media as much as possible! Have a good weekend yourself!

  2. Great week! Busy weekend ahead of me as per usual! :)

  3. You're beautiful! I hardly wear makeup too. It always feels special when I do now :)

  4. that cardigan looks so soft and amazing!

  5. I like them in black and white, I should do some black and whites


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