Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Putting On A Different Lens

Time For School, Back From A Long Weekend- Whatever it is, Happy Tuesday!

Have you ever heard the phrase "It's like my eyes have been opened!" or "I can see clearly now!" or even "The blinders have been taken off- now I can see"

In my life, I have had many times that I say that. There have been many situations that have happened that have helped me grow, helped me understand better, and helped me see things differently. 

Some things happen unexpectedly that help us see things differently, but Jesus was teaching me this week that often times how we want to see things come down to choice. We can choose what type of lens we want to see out of. 

For example, with my stress at my job, I was looking at things so negatively and with doubt. I was looking out of a lens that was not helping me see the good, the opportunities, or even the positives. I was praying to God to help things come to pass (& He will) but I would find myself still seeing things from a negative perspective instead of with hope, positivity, and faith like Jesus tells me to. 

He said to me " You are looking at your situation through the wrong lens."

I was looking through a negative lens, so I have started trying to view my situation through a lens of gratitude and positivity. In this short time, it has helped me see that though my situation with my job is stressful, it is setting me up for success.

 Sometimes Jesus has us go through seasons that are more difficult because it will build us for the future. It will help us get prepared for what's to come. It will make us better. It will make us stronger. It will make us wiser. 

So now, I am looking at every hardship in my life as an opportunity. To learn, to gain wisdom, to refine me. How I know? God's will is perfect, is timing is perfect, and his plan is perfect. Everything will work out perfectly with Jesus & I know that no matter what, He has a perfect plan for my life! No matter what it looks like! So that is why no matter what, we can choose the lens we want to look out of. 

We WILL get there!! :) :) :)

Here are some songs that I love to get positive with :)

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