Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Flare

Happy Friday, Loves!

The fall breeze is in the air and although I don't like cold, I love fall fashion. Taking out the scarves, boots and hats while storing away the sandals and shorts.. feels so good!

Its a windy, cloudy day in the city, but that doesn't stop fashion. 

A couple things I have done with this change of weather:

1] Embraced my curly hair. Fall is one of the best times for fashion (in my opinion) and I don't mean just clothing. I like to experiment with hair as well. So- I am bringing out my natural curls- although I end up putting it in a pony tail to avoid too much fluff.

2] I have brought out the jeans and booties.
I am a total fanatic when it comes to boots and booties. There are so many ways you can wear them and so many styles. I always get a size bigger so I can wear two pairs of socks :)

3] Started looking for coats! 
Three things I love: shoes, watches and coats!! I think those three things can make a signature outfit. So I have started a style board of my top picks :)

I reallly want a trench this year. I always psych myself out of getting one but I think I may go for it this year.

I also want an open long coat. They are heavy, big and stylish.

One other piece I added that I can't wait to get are hats. I love hats and am excited to update my closet!

What items are on the top of your Fall Must Have List?? 
I always love ideas on what I could add to mine :)

Have a great weekend!!!


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