Friday, September 5, 2014

Five on Friday: Things about Me.

Happy Friday, Loves!

When I post on Friday's, usually I post about my favorite things throughout the week. Today, I am going to tell you five things about me that maybe you didn't know! Some are good things, some are flaws- but either way- they make up WHO I AM! 

1] I am a passionate person
I tend to get very passionate about things. I think this can be a flaw and a strength. I have heard a good amount of people in my life tell me I care TOO much about things sometimes- good or bad. I love strongly, I express my feelings on things, and it's hard to let things go sometimes because I get so involved. To be honest, I am trying to "let go" of some things right now because I realized I am just TOO deep. I am focusing on striking a balance :)

2] I am an overall very peppy person
I wake up in a good mood (typically) and am good at not letting one thing going bad effect other areas of my life- except when things get very overwhelming (like you have seen with my work). When things get overwhelming for me, it tends to leak into other areas of my life of it overall drags me down. The best thing for me is to take a couple days of Me time (& Jesus time) to get back on track. I catch myself often trying to be more "chill" but I can't help it! I am naturally peppy- maybe I got it from being a cheerleader for so long ;)

3] I love animals and babies.
How can you not????
Animals and children are such a gift from God (I think). My nephew and god-daughters bring such joy to my life- by just a simple smile or being in the room. It is truly a blessing to have such innocent spirits in my life. I also love to see their personalities blossom. It makes me excited for when I have children someday- how I will feel about them. 
My animals are the same for me. They show such unconditional love. I found myself trying to mimic their love for me to other people! Sounds weird but they instantly forgive and just want to live- that's how I want to be. I want to get to the point that forgiveness is just an automatic for me- just like it is for Jesus with us. 

4] I am a thinker. 
I think.... a lot. I over analyze, think long term and am always thinking about the cause and effects. Again, both a strength and downfall. I tend to look too deep into things that in turn cause me to use more energy than needed- adding stress often times. Silly, I know- but it is a trait that I had for my life! 
The bright side of thinking is that I think about how my decisions will effect my life or situation. Since I tend to be a long term thinker and not short term- I am able to plan things out more successfully or make decisions based on what will give me a greater return in the future. 

5] I love Jesus.
I am in the best relationship I could have ever asked for. I have my very being through Him. And although I often get in my own way, He picks me up. He has taught me more in the last year and half than I have learned in a lifetime without Him. He is what gives me strength over everything in my life. And no matter what I am like or what traits I have- I know I also have the traits of Jesus- and he continues to make me a better me everyday. The best part is??? He accepts me even when I fail, when my old habits come through, when I show my flaws and when I am unlovable (believe me, I can be very unlovable). He loves me first- and I love Him back. He is so awesome. I cherish my alone time with Him, because that's when I learn so much and get fed. People say I am a homebody and don't like to go out. Well the truth is, it is because I LOVE my alone time with Jesus. Not just reading the bible or meditating, but resting in Him and focusing on Him to rid my mind of everything else that consumes my mind on a minute to minute basis. 

Welp! That's a little about me in 5 bullets. 

Have an awesome weekend everyone!

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  1. Girl, I over analyze things and I'm constantly thinking too ...must be an Aisha thing ;)


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