Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Power Series: The Jesus Key

Happy Tuesday!

I know, I have been very bad with blogging- pretty much all month. If you have read my past posts this month, you will know that the last couple months at work have been really stressful and busy for me. It has been a struggle, but I know God is faithful and will bring me through stronger and more wiser than I came in this season!

My blog has always been a place for me to just "let loose" and release things that are on my heart, mind and spirit. Sometimes I lose sight of that, but it's time that I get back into just releasing anything my heart desires on here because often times I release things that I look back and am glad I documented. I felt God was telling me to share this on my blog so I am not going to hold back. Here it goes! (This is going to be long- so bear with me!)

With everything that has been going on with work and life in general, I have been feeling almost fearful of what "could" happen. I try not to, but the "what ifs" were always sneaking in my head (although I know they are the enemy, I have had a hard time shaking it.) I just prayed to God that he help give me back the confidence in His plan for my life and help give me a sense of peace during difficult situations. I also prayed that God continue to be my "secret weapon" at work so no matter how I FEEL, I know I have something that can never be defeated- & that's Jesus. 

This last week, Jesus gave me a dream. 
You might wonder why I know it was from Him. Well, usually when I have dreams, I don't remember them or they are super weird and creepy and make no sense. It's hard to explain, but I just have a sense of knowing it was from Him.

Anyway, the dream started with me being in a dark area- I would say room but I didn't seem any walls, it was just dark all around. The energy in the room was weary and dark  w/ prideful, and sadness. But what I could see was a big dark wood door. The doorknob was big but the key hole looked like a regular key hole you would see on a standard door. There was a lot of brass detailing on the door. I could feel people intimidated by it but I didn't think anything of it except that it was pretty detailing. 

People were in line to try to get through this door. I felt that although people were intimidated by the brass on the door, they still wanted what was on the other side of the door. 

Everyone in line trying to go through this door had a key- each of their keys looked like a standard house key that looked like it could fit into the keyhole of the door. 

Jesus gave me my key, and it was the only key, almost like the brass on the door, that was big and visibly looked like it could not fit in the keyhole on the door. I remember feeling like I wasn't going to get through because my key is so different and everyone else had the same key. Here's some pictures that kind of resemble my key:

Anyway, as people would go up to the door and put their keys in, some wouldn't fit, some would fit but wouldn't turn, and some would turn but not unlock the door. That made me more nervous because I thought if they couldn't get in with their keys, I won't get in with mine- especially being so different.

It got to my turn. I had the feelings of weariness, fear, sadness, anxiousness and was so nervous to put my key in the door handle. But when I put my key in the key hole, it fit. And not only did it fit, but when I turned the key, it unlocked the door. I kept turning the key to see if it would lock the door again but it wouldn't, that key permanently unlocked the door.

So I opened the door and it was so bright, and full of light that I could hardly see what was there- but the feelings that had come over me were love, peace, holiness, security, confidence- every good thing. It was amazing.

And Jesus spoke to me that He is my key.

When the dream ended, I it made me realize that no matter a situation looks like, no matter how it seems- Jesus is the key to everything in my life. Nothing can stop me with Jesus. With him locked doors will open and remain unlocked. I am so thankful for that.

When I thought there was nothing more to this, yesterday as I was writing this post, Jesus told me to look up the meaning of brass in the bible (random??). 

  So I looked it up and a few explanations I got was brass signified Gods judgement against sin but moreover gods judgement against sin carried out through the death of his Son. The explanation went on to saying that when we believe on Jesus, we are delivered from the effect on sin.

The most interesting use of it is in Numbers 21:4-9, where Moses puts a model of a snake, made from brass on a pole, and when the people looked at it they were delivered from the poisonous bites of the snakes that had infested their camp as a result of their own sin. John 3:14-15 compares the snake on the pole to Yeshua (Jesus) and when we believe on Him, we are delivered from the effect of sin. Because He took our sin on Him in God's judgement against it - then He can deliver us from it. God judged sin when Messiah died for us - in our place. If He is lifted up (and thus believed upon) then He will draw all men to the Lord.

This showed me that no matter what, with Jesus, I am delivered, I am covered, and I am saved

I got through because of Jesus. Because nothing- no wrong key, no person, and no judgement of sin could stop me because I had Jesus. 

It's beautiful to think that the dream goes to the deepest purpose of life but also things that happen in your life- that through Jesus we can do all things- no matter how it looks.

I wanted to share this dream in case you have been going through a season of change, a difficult time, or feel lost/ confused. Jesus is your key- the key that opens every door- & keeps it unlocked!

Have a great Tuesday!



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