Monday, August 11, 2014

Power Series: The Power of Prayer

Happy Monday Everyone! 

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Mine was very relaxing. I didn't have anything planned and just went with the flow. It was amazing :)

One thing I saw this weekend was a video that displayed an analogy of prayer. It stuck with me so much because it reminded me that prayer isn't something we just can do once, we can pray about the same things as much as we want- it is a way to keep what we need and want in our remembrance and also helps us remember that God is working it out in His perfect timing. 

With work being stressful lately and personal things going on (as everyone does, I am sure), I had started feeling like Jesus wasn't answering my prayers like I was hoping. The enemy started putting in my mind that He wasn't working on things on my behalf and almost made me feel like I was alone in the process.

But then I saw this video. My sister actually sent it to me and I believe it was Jesus working through her to remind me He is always here, always listening, and always working on my behalf- I need only to be still (Exodus 14:14).

Take a look- it'll be well worth your 4 minutes :)

This video shows that prayers are a way of knowing only God can truly change situations for us and bring things come to pass that we could never do ourselves. I love prayer because it's a way to talk to Jesus one on one, but also it brings comfort to me that I am never alone. I have a Mighty God that is going through it with me. It reminds me that only He can do it- I can't. 

One example of prayer I have like this water bottle is one I have never actually shared with anyone. But it's been in my heart and I thank Jesus for it. W and I have been together for a long time (almost a decade now) and since we started dating so young, there were a lot of things we went through. I still can't explain today how we made it through everything, but it's truly because I believe God always had a plan for us. 

I used to pray to God that W and I get to a solid foundation in our relationship- because I often thought of our relationship as being on sand- anything could brush it away and destroy it. I wanted our relationship to be on a solid foundation. I wanted to stop letting things tear us down so fast and I also wanted to stop "those things" from happening. 

I prayed and prayed (I still pray lol) and in the last couple years, I have seen a change in us like I never saw before. I started seeing the deep love W really has for me and the length he is willing to go to show me. 

We went from dishonesty to honesty, lies to truth, hate to love, girlfriend/boyfriend to best friends. And I truly believe it was all because of Jesus changing our hearts and our minds like I had prayed for. Sometimes I cry thinking about how far he has brought us and how blessed I feel to have a man that cherishes me so much- so much that he can put up with my bad side. 

And our solid foundation? We have Jesus. Making Jesus the foundation of our relationship always brings us back together and back to that solid ground that we needed for years. Things sometimes still get rocky and storms roll through, but I not only have a love devoted to Christ, but I have a friend. I thank God for that. But it took time. And God is stilling working out kinks... Because by golly we have a lot of them. But I know it will only make us stronger. 

Isn't Jesus good??? I love Him so much!

Have a wonderful Monday :)


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