Friday, August 1, 2014

Case of the Fridays

Hey Everyone!!

Today, I have the case of the Friday's. I have never heard that term so I guess I am making it up. 

Do you ever wake up on Friday's happy for no reason just because it's the end of the week?

Do you ever feel more energized just knowing it's Friday? 

I do. 

So I am calling it the case of the Friday's. For me, every Monday, I am dreaming for Friday. The best work day of the week. LOL

How did I begin this fabulous day? Well with an awesome trip to the dentist of course!! 

I won't post a picture of that because who really wants to stare at my teeth? 

But to follow that, I had a wonderful iced coffee from the best place on Earth : a Brueggers combined with a Caribou Coffee + a drive through. Mind= blown.

But First...Coffee.

I also get to wear comfy clothes on Friday's (well I guess I could every day of the week since Target is casual dress, but I don't have nearly as many meetings so I dress down more than other days.)

So what did I wear? The same outfit I wear pretty much every weekend and anytime I am at home but have to leave during the week. Why you ask? Because it is cute but super comfortable. Don't worry, it gets washed. LOL
What do you think?
Skirt: Len
Jacket: Dry Goods
Tank: Old Navy

My BFF just got back in town from being in Hawaii for almost 2 months so I am going to see her after work. Can't wait! I might just kiss her.. that's how much I have missed her! I am jealous she is going to be wayyy tanner than me. 

Other than that, I am happy it's Friday because it's another day Jesus has made for me! & that in itself is a blessing! 

Have a great weekend EVERYONE! :)


  1. Your maxi + denim jacket team is super cute! Also I love how having to go to the dentist on a Friday didn't get you down haha

    Jacqueline xx

  2. I always wake up feeling like that on Fridays. You are not alone!

  3. Your outfite is really cute!


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