Monday, July 7, 2014

The Power Series: A Jesus Girl

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend! 

It was so nice to have a 4 day weekend. It was much needed. Sometimes work can be overwhelming and the only thing that can cure it is some rest! 

One of the highlights of the weekend was that my good friend got married! Weddings are always a good time so of course this one was no different. The best part? I got W to dance! Ha!

I think what's so fun about weddings is that its a celebration of love. You don't think of your worries or dislikes that day, you just think about how you are excited to love your partner and spend the rest of your life with them.

I could go on and on about how great love is- but that is not the topic of today's post!

Jesus has been teaching me something for awhile now and when pastor touched on it in service this weekend, I thought it would be cool to write about it!

In this journey of faith, I often times find myself getting discouraged if I am not doing things perfect, if I make mistakes, or if I am not being my best self. I find myself going back to the bible's do's and don'ts to just get more discouraged at the mistake I made because the Word of Truth even says its bad! Or I will get so caught up in what I should do and not do that I get overwhelmed and just want to walk away from this "right" path. But Jesus showed me such a simple way of looking at every single situation we encounter- & that is to enter every situation telling myself that I am a Jesus girl. 

Let me explain:

W got on my nerves so bad yesterday! Although it was really just the difference between him being a guy and me being a girl, I let our differences get to me. I started telling myself all these lies that weren't as big as I was making them seem in my head and didn't hold back from telling W how I felt. I wanted him to KNOW how mad I was! 

Looking back it's funny- but because God has released me from is being so angry, I was upset at myself for letting myself go that far. I was mad that I was doing so good and then I messed up! I started quoting scriptures in my head that anger only leads to evil, it doesn't produce the righteousness of God, etc. and I got overwhelmed with guilt that I got so mad. 

So I just stopped. I stopped quoting scripture about what not to do because I had already done it. Instead- I told myself I am a Jesus girl. So I have to do what a Jesus girl would do. So what does that mean?

It means to simply live as Jesus Christ lives. 
Do as Jesus Christ does. It is very similar to What would Jesus do? But sometimes we need something more personal. We need to relate it to ourselves. What better way to do that than to say you are indeed a Jesus person? 

Jesus is a kind, compassionate, loving, forgiving, comforting, patient, understanding, wise, inspiring, trustworthy person. He gave His life so we may live and live freely from death or bondage of sin. He is the ultimate example of how to love!

So although I had already made a mistake, I was able to repent and go back to being a Jesus girl. And being that, I had to apologize to W for letting my temper get out of hand but I also knew I had to treat him with respect and kindness and most importantly- LOVE- going forward. Regardless of my feelings or our differences. I had to remember that with every situation I encounter- I have to kill it with kindness! (remember that post here?).

Jesus calls us to be just like him and has given us the power to do so.

In every difficult situation I encounter, I try to always do what a Jesus girl (or guy) would do- & that's to approach a situation as Jesus would and to respond like Jesus responds. I don't always get it right, but it sure helps! It keeps Jesus at the forefront of everything! I know I have spoken about different ways to keep Jesus at the center of everything, but this is one way that has helped me be more like Him.

There's power in the name of Jesus & there's power being a Jesus person!

Have a great rest of your Monday! :)



  1. You look pretty! And that's exactly the right mentality to approach life with.

  2. You and W are such a beautiful couple. I see the love between the two of you. You are very strong and I admire that about you!


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