Monday, July 21, 2014

Pray A Latte// $150 Cash Giveaway!!

Hi Everyone!

Well it's Monday again- but that means it's one day closer to the coming weekend (trying to look on the bright side, lol).

Well, this weekend I became really inspired. There were such great teachings at church this week and also I got in touch with someone who I considered my second mom growing up. There are so many changes that come with the different seasons of life- some great some not so great, some hard, some not so hard. She spoke so much wisdom to me that I have a whole new perspective on my current season. 

I know that no matter what it seems to be now, if I rely on Jesus, all will be well in the season to come! 

#christian quotes/ #bible verse #faithlauncher

In the meantime, I will take this cup of coffee and the advice it offers- to pray a latte, to pray continuously and keep my eyes fixed on my Creator!

I am going to continue with the Power Series next week, because this week  I've teamed up with some beautiful bloggers to bring a $150 cash giveaway to two lucky readers. Each winner will receive $75 cash from all of us! After you enter be sure to check out each of the other lovely ladies involved.

Make sure to enter! It is super easy!

 Jewel // Leah // Ashley // Clara
Laura // Alex // Iris // Liz

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