Monday, June 30, 2014

The Power Series: Be Still

Happy Monday Everyone!

I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Do you ever encounter situations when something isn't going your way or someone is mad at you/did something against you? Do you ever get the feeling of having to control those situations or do something to make them go back to the way they were? Or you feel hurt or guilt? 

I have had these feelings many times.

If something wasn't going my way or I didn't like something- or if I did something wrong- I would immediately get a feeling of needing to intercede and change the situation. I often times caught myself getting so worked up sometimes for not being able to control the situation.

For example, we all have been in relationships. Well one thing I struggled with between W and I was  if he wanted to do something I didn't agree with, I would get a feeling of uneasiness because I didn't know what the future held or I didn't have control over the decision he wanted to make. 

Then because I let control take me over, he would get upset with me and then I would have a feeling of guilt and need to, again, control the situation to get it to go back to normal. 

Altogether, it was a downward spiral- just because I didn't have the control.

 I would develop an idea in my head that he didn't have good intentions in his heart when it came to things we disagreed with. But I realized something had to change. I knew deep down my boyfriend didn't have any bad intentions when it came to me or our relationship. 

I was able to see that the anger and control were making the end result be the undesired outcome. 

God showed me that when you stay still- as in be patient and let things play out- and rest in His promises- things will end up good.

God says this:

We sometimes have to let things play out before we give any reaction to it. When we practice putting trust in God's purpose and will- we know that ultimately  all things will work out for our good. 

So I practiced being still. When I disagree with something, someone hurts my feelings or something isn't going right- I practiced remaining still and seeing how things play out. I let go of the control and decided to not let my feelings at that moment dictate my reaction. I found with W, for example, that he would make the decision that would make me happy or come with a compromise. Ultimately, it has helped me let go of the control, not over react, and build my trust in my Father. I found His Word being true with things in my life! I found myself bringing more things to Him and asking Him to help me. To have His will be done- because I knew His will was and is only good. It has really shown me how much he wants to help us with everything- and he can help us with everything. 

Being still has improved my patience, let me react with logic and not emotion, and to seek understanding and compromise. Letting go of control has made me realize how much control I didn't have in the first place! 

It's amazing to see how God can change everything for good. It has improved my relationships tremendously and has made situations I thought were going to fall apart, fall together. He is a Mighty God!

Sometimes all you need to do is be still. 
This world teaches you to always be on the go-go-go or to react to situations but in reality- it just causes more stress often times. 
Being still teaches us to bring things to God- because He has the ultimate control. God can take care of everything for us. How wonderful He is!

I hope you have a great day- & helps you in a situation you may be encountering or will encounter.

Many blessings!


  1. love those quotes :)
    stop by,

  2. Thank you so much!!!! I struggle with control on a regular basis yet I never considered it the way you just did. Wise words from the lord brought through to me today. Keep on posting girl! I love all of them!

    1. Thanks girl! I am glad it helped! ;)

  3. Powerful, strong, and capable- LOVE that!

    Happy Tuesday!


  4. Thank you because I definitely needed to hear this right now. We are house hunting and it's been taking its toll on us -- sometimes I just need a reminder to sit back and let God take control. Exodus 14:14 has always been one of my favorite verses :)

    1. I was in your shoes a couple months ago and it literally took me to let go and let god before I found the one I loved! & it seemed to be such a seamless process after! :) I know you will find a home that you LOVE! ;)


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