Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A New Summer Glow: Too Faced Product Review

Happy Hump Day!

The week is half way over (almost)... Hurrah! 

Over the years I have tried tons of different make up- I finally found something I liked a couple years ago- it was bare minerals. The only thing about Bare Minerals was that it made me break out if I kept it on too long! It was hard to switch, though, because it really does make your skin look smooth and blemish free (kind of ironic that it makes me break out, right?)

Anyway, I finally decided to switch make ups and go for something that claimed they wouldn't cause breakouts. 

I decided to try the Too Faced line! 

(from top right to left):
1} Bronzer Palette. It has different options on coloring so you can decide how dramatic you want to get- whether its to shadow the cheek bones or give yourself a summer glow. It also gives you directions on how to use each one, where to put it on your face, and how you can combine all three!

2} The eyecolor palette. Similar to the bronzer, it gives directions on how to use each shadow for a day glow to a dramatic eye for night. I like to mix and match them too. I usually stay with neutral colors so I picked the most neutral color palette I could fine!

3} Better than sex mascara. This mascara lives up to it's name. It gives such volume and length to my lashes.. I don't think I could go back to my old stuff!

4} Foundation. This stuff is great. It makes my face look smooth without looking cake-y. The only thing I would say I don't like about the foundation is that it doesn't do a good job covering blemishes (more like dark spots) so you may want to get a blemish correcter before you put on the foundation.

5} BB Creme + Primer. I typically use this if I just want to have a light covering over my face or if I want to make my face more even. I also use it when I will be wearing a full set of makeup. It makes my foundation stay on longer and it doesn't make my face oily. 

6} Lip pencil. I love this. I use it all the time. My lips will be a nice pink color one day and be totally white and dull the next. This pencil makes my lips have more definition and makes it actually look like they are healthy and not the color of the rest of my face! LOL

7} Eye shadow primer. This is great when wanting to prevent smearing or smudges of the eyeliner and eyeshadow. I also use it to give my eyes some brightness and sparkle when I am out and about but not wanting to put on a full "mask" of makeup LOL. 

Overall, this is a great brand to use. It is worth spending the money on. It lasts forever and makes you look like you have flawless skin and gorgeous eyelashes. I would say my two favorite pieces from this line is the mascara and lip liner. Making your lips and eyes pop can really draw attention to what people ought to be looking at- your beautiful face! 

I used all products together in the following pictures:

I kept a daytime look so you could see how much it brightens the face.

Hope you have a great Wednesday!! 


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  1. You are gorgeous!!! I love too faced products as well. I like bare minerals too but they do tend to break people least several that I know. I think it may be their mica content/amount?!? The Milk Chocolate bronzer from Too Faced is my holy grail bronzer!!

  2. I need you to come do my make-up! haha. by the way, thanks for stopping by my blog earlier and commenting. I tried responding but I couldn't because you are a no-reply blogger. You can google how to fix it. I remember when I was a no-reply blogger and I would think nobody liked me and nobody wanted to respond to my comments, but in all reality, they just couldn't.....anyways, just wanted to help you out!! :)

  3. That bronzer palette needs to be in my life! lol


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