Wednesday, June 25, 2014

9 Years & Counting

Happy Hump Day Everyone!

SO SO sorry I have not posted in almost a week! I had some time off and was enjoying that away from the daily and weekly grind. 

The reason why I didn't post Monday was because W & I were out celebrating out 9 year anniversary together! Can you believe it? 9 years of being in each other's lives.

I took Monday off, which was probably the highlight of the day. We both agreed we wouldn't get each other anything and wouldn't make plans because we just wanted to enjoy the day- & that's what we did!

We started off sleeping in (which was AWESOME) and we took our time getting ready.

We started out trying a new breakfast spot- & to be honest, it wasn't the best. But the pancakes were amazing! Definitely would go back for those.

 We went on with the day just relaxing, we test drove some cars (W is currently looking for a new car) and ended the day with getting our favorite kind of food and watching a show on TV.

It wasn't extravagant, but I always enjoy spending time with my honey :)

We have been through so much during our time together- 9 years definitely did not come without struggles, break ups, make ups, hard times- but just seeing how God continues to bless this relationship makes it all worth it

I believe it says something when I can honestly say I love him more everyday. There is always something new- & I love that!

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!


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  1. I've missed your face around these parts! You two are absolutely adorable. Very glad to see a younger couple stay together so long! It's tough out here in the social media world!


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