Friday, May 2, 2014

Five on Friday!

Friday is finally here! I will say, this is a pretty exciting Friday for me! 

I have started moving into my house now! I have all the living room furniture in there, now I have to get the dining room table and bedroom stuff. I joke saying that my clothes will be the hardest thing to move because I have so many!!! That is why I am thankful for the Blogger Closet Sale next Saturday, May 10th! IF you want to know more information, click here. :)

+Picking out paint/ designs for the house. I love design. I love picking out things to accent a room, I love color popping, but most of all, I love creating something that makes a room come alive! So, I have been picking up paint samples to see how different colors will resonate with the rest of the items in a room. So far, I have been liking the mocha color like the one listed below. Possibly with a base color of a light beige/gray. I already found the perfect color for that! What do you think??

+ DIY Projects. I love DIY tasks to help make my space unique to my style and different from other comon spaces. I am SO excited to start diving in doing it! One thing I found really cool is because we live in a state with such unpredictable weather, one DIY-er created a shoe "mat" that is made up of rocks to help dry your wet boots without soaking a rug or getting your floors messy. I love that idea! (see the middle picture below).

+3 I have been missing Paris lately- one of my favorite places on Earth. But then I realized I will get a mock version while I am in Vegas this weekend! My girlfriends and I are going to Vegas for the weekend to just get away from this crappy weather we have had in MN for like 8 months! I am excited to be in warm sun and in a city with so much to do! I will make sure to write a recap when I get back :)

+4 Classy but Sassy Dresses. In MN, with the weather and such, I don't often times get to dress up nice to go out. It's typically something that is more casual that will keep me semi warm! LOL Well, I bought this exact dress about a year ago and finally have a place I can wear it- out on the town this weekend in Vegas! I love the pop of color and the lace design at the top. Sexy but classy. 

+5 Boyfriend Jeans are becoming one of my favorite things. I love how they can be dressed up or down and they are so flattering to so many body figures. It is so easy to style! Definitely on my wish list this spring :)


I hope everyone has a great weekend! You will be seeing a blog post by me on Monday!


  1. I am so with you on the boyfriend jeans! I love them! :) And they could not be more comfy ;)


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