Monday, April 7, 2014

7 Days of Happy Day 5// My Spring Must Haves

Happy Monday!

One thing I love to do sometimes is just enjoy a nice iced coffee when it's nice out and either update my blog, browse the internet, chat with friends, look up youtube videos or just relax. 

Today, I fulfilled that happiness and went to one of my favorite coffee shops and decided to just enjoy the weather and friends :)

Afterwards, I enjoyed some hot yoga. One of my favorite things to do!

I had hardly eaten all day, so I also squeezed in a little egg white sandwich :) lol

I think I enjoy coffee shops so much because it reminds me of Europe. So many days we would go enjoy a Cappuccino and chit chat. I cant WAIT to go back.

Along with bringing in Spring with iced drinks, I have also had Spring Shopping FEVER!

What are some of your top Spring picks this season?

Here are some styles I love. Take a look:

Spring Fever

 1] I love wedges. They are one heeled shoe that is most the time so comfortable and so fashionable for warm weather.
 2] Blouses that accentuate the waist (see above). When a shirt is loose but tightens at the waist, it gives your body a natural curvy look and makes your waist look smaller. It also adds detail to your outfit! An absolute love! 
 3] Stylish Skirts/Shorts. Shorts can become so plain, but I love the shorts I have been seeing above this season. Its more like a skort (can you believe it!??). I like it because its a short you can dress up very easily.
 4] You can NEVER have too many accessories. My rule of thumb is there are 4 main places to wear jewelry. Ears, Neck, Wrist and Fingers. My rule of thumb is to wear up to 3 out of the 4 places. Sometimes if you wear too much jewelry, it can take away from the outfit than add to it. 
 5] A good pair of shades. Such an easy way to accessorize an outfit :)

Spring Fever by aishalc featuring a skort skirt

I hope you had a great start to your week!

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