Monday, April 28, 2014

Rainy Day Essentials

Happy Monday! 

Well, it's raining in MN today and it's supposed to rain all week! I can't complain,though, because the grass is greener, the leaves are blossoming and the salt is being washed off the roads... Spring is here! April showers bring May flowers, am I right? :)

In celebration of April showers, I have put together some of my rainy day essentials to help me enjoy the day. Rain is soothing to me... is it to you?

Rainy Day Essentials

Rainy Day Essentials by aishalc featuring Bodum

1] Fun Cup or Tea or Coffee. I am definitely a tea drinker, and I always try to find cute tea cups that I can add to my collection just in case they come in to some good use on a rainy day like this :)
2] A good book/devotional. One daily devotional I love is Jesus is Calling. It is such a great daily reminder that Jesus loves us and has great things for us each day!
3] Hot liquids or soups. Nothing like a hot cup of cocoa on a cold day and nothing like some good soup or tea on a rainy day :)
4] A bunch of pillows. Nothing said cuddle like some good pillows and a blanket. My couch and bed are filled with pillows!
5] Nail polish. This is a great opportunity to get a new nail color!
6] Good movies. A rainy day is not fulfilled without watching a great movie.

What rainy day essentials are on your list?

Happy Relaxing! 

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  1. It's raining here today and this just makes me want to cuddle up on the couch! My rainy day necessities are definitely a cup of coffee/tea, a cozy blanket and a candle :)


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