Friday, April 4, 2014

7 Days of Happy Day Two

Happy Friday!

Thank God it's Friday, right! This week has been so long!

Well, it is official, I have made my first offer on a home!! 
It is exciting and scary at the same time. The story about this home is actually really cool but I will share it if I get it :)

When making big decisions, I am the type of person that easily gets worked up and gets worried. Luckily, I have overcome a lot of the worries I used to have because of God. 

One of my favorite scriptures that instantly calms me is actually in today's featured thing that makes me happy! 

My girlfriend actually randomly mentioned that she had listened to one of Joseph Princes' sermons on television late at night one time. When she told me what he talked about, I decided to listen to one myself. He has such words of wisdom that I think everyone should hear. So, I decided to order a couple audio books as well as a daily devotional from him. I bring the devotional to work everyday with me so I can read it more than once a day. In just 2 minutes, I learn so much about God's love and grace- and how He really views us! It makes me happy to know that even in 2 minutes, our thoughts can be transformed. I recommend this to anyone who wants to truly start believing right about God, yourself, and your life. 

This scripture is one of my all time favorites because it really explains how God will always provide for you and will always be there. There is no need to worry because even though we as humans walk through the valley of the shadow of death (often times because of ourselves), Jesus is always with us and always is there to lead us to the green pastures and comfort us. Isn't that awesome!?

I hope you enjoyed this just as I enjoy this :)

Stay Happy!

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