Monday, March 3, 2014

Sephora Giveaway!

Hi Everyone & Happy Monday!

I don't know about you, but I do not like getting ready in the mornings and realizing I am almost out of makeup & then thinking about how to budget it in when sometimes makeup can be really expensive!

Well this week, there is a solution!

This week myself and other bloggers have something great in store for you! 

Four lucky readers will win a $55 gift card to Sephora! 

These are some of the items I use that you can get at Sephora:

I love different nail color, different eye brighteners and different primers. 

The main makeup I use for my foundation is bare minerals.

I love them because it really helps my skin become smoother, brighter and firmer. After awhile of using, I starting seeing my pores get smaller- which is a huge plus for me.

What do you use that you could get at Sephora? Make sure to enter!

Also make sure to visit these lovely ladies and say hello!

Dana | Jena 

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Good Luck!!


  1. I like their nail polish. I'm constantly doing my nails up in horrible approximations of cute and fun patterns.

    1. I love their nail polish too! Except I am not very creative, lol.

  2. What don't I love at Sephora is the better question?! Great giveaway!!

  3. I like the NARS And God Created The Woman Set.

  4. I love the Sugar Lip balms, and just about everything else sold at Sephora!


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