Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Journey to Restoration: Progress Update!

Happy Gratituesday Everyone!

Well- the spring has come in MN (so we thought)- Its snowing again!!! 
Surprise? Not so much. 

Well- you know how I have been on this journey of restoration? If you don't know, you can see here and here.

It has been about the 2 month mark now!

I was getting discouraged because I haven't seen a big change on the scale. It wasn't until I took another progress photo that I really could see the difference!

I have lost about another half in everywhere. I am working on getting that "stubborn" fat off! Ha!

What keeps me going?

1] Seeing results! It is always motivating to see how far you have come- in many different areas of life- and this being one of them :)
2] Jesus. I always remind myself the purpose of why I even started exercising and changing my habits. Its because I wanted to be a healthier, cleaner temple for Him to dwell. Not just that, but He blessed me with a healthy body and I want to make sure I manage it well!
3] Friends. It is always helpful to have the support system. When I say I don't feel like working out, my friends and family will help remind me why I do this. So I encourage you- if you are on any journey- loop in your family and friends for support :)

Share with me any journey you are on by commenting below with your blog information! I would love to read about what is going on with you :)


  1. this mn weather is killing me! so happy to be going on vacation later this month!
    but your results sure are coming girl! you're rocking it!

    1. Hey girl! Thank you! I saw your comments on the other posts- thanks for your support! I used to strongly dislike yoga... it wasn't until I tried hot yoga that I totally changed my perspective! I sweat so much, have worked muscles I didnt know I had and get to meditate and release stress from my day. I have gotten much stronger in my stretches and my upper body strength has improved. Its such a great workout yet so relaxing! You should definitely try it. There are a couple Groupons right now for hot yoga. One at corepower and one at heat yoga studio. I bought the groupon for heat yoga studio- 20 sessions for $49! You can also do 10 sessions for $29! So worth it. :)

  2. Very inspiring!

  3. Good job girl! Nothing more motivating than seeing those results :)


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