Sunday, February 2, 2014

Nothing Like Girls Night

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

While watching the superbowl, I thought I would update my blog :)

Lately I have been on my journey of losing weight & with that- I have found a new love for cooking! I love mixing things together and creating good combinations that are healthy.

For our girls night, I made home-made chicken marsala! I made them with a spinach salad and a side of asparagus and garlic bread. Yum!

Take a look (recipe included):



Chicken Breast (depending on party size)
Onions (as much as you want)
1 box of mushrooms
Marsala Wine 
Brown Sugar
Bushel of Asparagus

This recipe is so easy! There is not a lot to it, it all really depends how how you like it.

First I started off cutting the onions. You can cut the way you like
Then I put the chicken breast on the skillet with just a little olive oil
In another pan I put marsala wine (however much you like, I usually add a cup for 4 breasts) and let it simmer

I let asparagus cook in another pan by itself with a little olive oil and butter substitute.

After I let the marsala wine simmer for a couple minutes, I added about a table spoon of brown sugar (like I said, you can add as much as you like- more if you like it more sweet or less if you like it less sweet)

after the marsala sauce because a little thicker, I add the onions and mushrooms into the pan with the sauce and let the onions and mushroom cook.

After everything is cooked, just add the marsala wine, onions, and mushrooms on the chicken and you have your chicken marsala! Its SO easy! And you can make so many variations. (In example, you can add cheeses, more or less of some ingredients, etc!)

We added some garlic bread with feta on top. 

To make the spinach salad:

All you need to is mix spinach leaves with strawberries- & then we added maple glazed pecans and fat free raspberry vinaigrette! 

As the drink- we added my fave, Roscato wine! :)

It was such a great time with my friends :) I thank God for them!

Now I am enjoying watching the superbowl with my honey.

Who are you rooting for??

Have a good rest of your Sunday! 


  1. Look at you becoming a chef! LOL Looks like you had a fun time with friends :)

  2. Oh yum! Everything looks amazing!

    This makes me want to host a girls night and cook a fabulous dinner :)

  3. That looks soo delicious! I didn't watch the superbowl because i'm not into sports, but I love it when there are events and people get excited over them, so cute! ❤️


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