Saturday, February 15, 2014

My Valentine....

Happy Saturday Everyone!

I know, I know- I have been slacking on blog posts this month. Well- I hope I have a somewhat good reason!

The usual wedding season here in MN is summer to fall, but this year I have already had two winter weddings! One of them being my mom's!

So I have been busy getting things done for that!

My Valentine's Day was spent with my family, celebrating my mom's wedding. It was such a great way to share the day of love! & this year not only did I get to spend it with my love, but also with my loved ones! 

Wedding Hair: Curled with a 1 1/4 curling iron.

The theme was vintage black and red. So elegant! I wore a long red dress (forever 21- can you believe it?!) with a gold shimmer belt, nude shoes, and gold accessories. Since I didnt have someone to take better pics, I did mirror selfies this time! LOL

This look is actually under $55 dollars! 

Dress- Forever 21- $22
Belt- Target - $10 
Earrings- gift!
Shoes (not pictured)- Target- $20

The wedding was so beautiful. I was very intimate with only 40 people. The reception was dim and candlelit with a fire going in the reception room fireplace. There was a lot of older music playing- slow and fast- for all ages to enjoy. I am so happy for my mom! It was so beautiful to be a part of such a special day for her!


That is not all that happened on Valentines Day for me! (I am SO blessed!)

I worked a half day ( ugh) and when I came home, my sister said my boyfriend had stopped by to grab something for the wedding. I got suspicious right there because I didnt know what i had that he needed!

So I go downstairs (where I stay in the house)- the living room is as it usually is-- but then I open my bedroom door and I see my bed was made ( I NEVER make my bed- so this was a huge gift for me!) and on my bed there was a dozen roses, edible arrangements, and homemade cookies!

It is our 9th (!!) Valentine's Day together. 
It is crazy to think it's been 9 years this year. I was not expecting anything for Valentine's Day with the wedding but he went all out anyway! I feel so blessed to call W my partner- I wonder what's in store for my birthday next week! :) :)

The surprises didn't stop there- W & I decided while at the wedding that we were going to go out for late night food after the reception because we wanted to have a "cheat day" for eating. Well- just when I thought we were going to go to TGI Friday's- he pulls up at Biaggi's Italian Restaurant and already had reservations made. 

I had an amazing dish ( I cant remember the name but it is pictured!) and then we splurged and got Italian donuts... they were so good! We were joking that we would go just for those again!

I had such a great day! 

Since I didnt know W and I were doing anything, I tried to be creative with something smaller. W is really into working out and eating healthy. His favorite food of them all are turkey burgers. So I decided that since he said he didn't want anything, I would make him heart shaped turkey burgers along with his favorite sides.

I tried my best to make them look like hearts, but they still taste delicious!

I felt so loved today by my loved ones- & a day like this is a great reminder of not just our love for someone special, but also that God loves us all so much that He is willing to show it everyday, all the time, good or bad, happy or unhappy. Like I always say- He didnt have to send His Son to die for us on the cross for our sins, but HE DID! & for that I am forever grateful for my King. Happy Valentine's Day, Father! I love you, TOO!

Well, I have to go finish my edible arrangements now, but I hope you all had a blessed Valentine's day with loved ones and friends. 

What did you do for Vday? Share your ideas!


  1. Looks like it was a great valentines day! You should do a video or how you curled your hair!

    1. That's a great idea! I will put that on the agenda :) :)

  2. What a wonderful post! I love your hair and you look so beautiful! You are lucky to have such a romantic and sweet boyfriend.

  3. oh my gosh that is SO cute!!!!
    and i absolutely LOVE your "wedding" hair!!!

  4. Girlfriend, you are gorgeous! Love your hair and your red dress!

    And 9 Valentine's Day together, that's awesome!

    1. Thanks, girl! So are you! I always look forward to your new blog posts. Yes, NINE years! Time sure does fly!

  5. Wow! You got a deal with your wedding outfit! That's amazing, I always spend more than I intend to for events like that. Oh, and your hair looks awesome!
    That was so sweet of your boyfriend to do that for V-day :) I love those cute, homemade cookies. And how adorable (and thoughtful) are those heart-shaped burgers!


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