Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Today is exciting because it's actually above 0 today! It's actually going to be 40!

It was nice to hear the birds chirping in the morning and seeing the sun bright. Hopefully that means Spring is just around the corner! :)

I want to start something called "GratiTuesday". Basically, it will just be a day to share what I am grateful for- because there is so much!

One of my goals this year is to have an attitude of gratitude.

So I thought- why not make a blog day dedicated to my gratitude for all I have?

I am grateful for:

I am SO thankful for God's forgiveness and grace. We are all truly blessed to be able to live a life with our iniquities washed away into the sea because of what Jesus has done for us! He paid a HEFTY price for us- so we could live and have dominion over all His creations. 

What a blessing it is! 

All we have to do is simply humble ourselves and confess our sins to our Father- and He is just and forgives them! Its as easy as that. He laid His life down for us so we could be made free! It still amazes me and gets me awestruck EVERY day.

Jesus is SO good!

I am so blessed!

Another great thing about forgiveness, when God forgives you, He totally forgets them! He casts them out to the depths of the sea and NEVER counts them against you!

Who do you know who is that ABLE to do that, WILLING to do that, and WANTS to do that for each and everyone, no matter what transgression they have committed?

& that is one BIG reason why I am so grateful... because Jesus didn't have to do what He did, but He chose to so we could dwell with Him- free from sin and free from bondage. Free from all darkness.

I am TRULY in awe of Him.

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  1. I love this post. This is so easy for me to forget - how fortunate we are to be forgiven when we don't deserve it. God is so good.


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