Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Negative Degree Fashion

It is SO cold in MN! It is getting down to -10 today. 

The second you get outside all your mind thinks about is going back inside, lol. This kind of weather makes me extra thankful for a warm home and having our heater working! 

I have said how much I love fall fashion because of the colors and layering- same goes for winter. But when it's this cold, you have to be creative about how to stay warm and remain "in style". 

Because I am one that has to be creative, I have created a collage on some must haves to stay warm and fashionable! 

Take a look:

Negative Degree Fashion

Negative Degree Fashion by aishalc featuring lace up booties

1) A good hat. I like to wear the stylish beanie hats because they cover my ears and arent heavy on my head.
2) Good earmuffs! I like fur ones because they are fashionable and warm!
3) Good boots. Sorel's are the "it" snow boot here in MN this year and boy do they keep their feet warm.
4) Good leather gloves. Leather blocks out wind so I like them the best. Plus, they keep my hands warm!
5) A good scarf. Not only is a scarf a fashion accessory, but they help if you don't have earmuffs or dont like wearing hats.
6) Warm socks! Believe it or not, sometimes I will wear a pair of fuzzy socks to work and then switch out of the boots and socks into heels when I get into the office. Thats how cold it gets!
7) A good pair of tights. I even wear tights under my work pants because its simply another layer of clothing. It is a must to wear tights in the winter anyway- because bare legs against -10 degrees is unbearable!
8) There are such things as warm, fashionable boots. These are a pair of Sorel's that arent only warm, but more fashionable if you arent interested in the traditional winter boot.
9) Not surprising, you need a good coat. My coat weighs a good few pounds and is wool. Leather coats are also good because like I mentioned, they blog wind. I like my coat because it has an option to cover the neck if it gets really cold. Also, when its a longer coat, it helps to cover your legs better for us ladies that have to wear tights.

These are my top picks... what are yours?

What are your secrets to staying warm??


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