Friday, January 3, 2014

Everyday Blessings: Benefits of Prayer & Thankfulness

Do you ever think to yourself "Why do I have to pray if God knows what I need already?" or have you ever prayed but had doubts of your prayers being answered?

We all have had these types of thoughts.

Yet, prayer is very important to God- it is a way of showing our devotion towards him as well as a way to stay in fellowship with Him.

Fellowship with God is very important.

Often times, my prayers are more of just having a conversation with God as a friend or parent. Prayer is also a way to stay in God's love with what each day faces.

Its a way to seek Him, love Him, and know Him.

God can do all things- so anything you bring to Him, He can handle.

That is why we are able to pray to Him and have faith that what we ask will work out. One thing that God loves is seeing our faith in action. So when you pray, thank Him for answering your prayer and have faith that He is working to answer your prayer and give you more abundantly above what you could ask or think.

So when I pray and requests things from God, I often thank Him knowing it is already done instead of keep praying about it. It builds your faith and helps you start thinkin more positively.

One thing to remember is God does everything in the right time, according to His plan and purpose. So have faith and hope that even if things dont work out the way you asked, it will work out to fit Gods will- which is always good and full of love.

There is no need to worry about God hearing you, because the bible says God always has an open ear.
We are his children, and He loves to have that fellowship with us.
As I sometimes say, a thankful heart is a happy heart. & thanking Jesus in advance has many benefits, not just spiritually but mentally! When you decide to be thankful and hopeful, you will have less time to be anxious and doubtful. Remember from my last Everyday Blessing post, worrying doesnt add not even one hour to your life!

I hope this helps you remain hopeful for a prayer you may have prayed once where you may have had doubts. Be thankful in the things God has given you and the things He is going to give you. Remember, Gods Word never comes back void and God is a Provider, Faithful, and will never foresake you!

He knows what you need and is able to give you the desires of your heart. Just remain obedient and thankful!




  1. Beautiful!! I love finding fellow believers online! I get so anxious sometimes and it's great to be reminded that in Him I can find rest. It's information that we know and hold dear to our hearts, but every-so-often we fail to put it to use.

  2. I love that you have a faith-based blog
    Will follow you

    LifeWithFrancesca x


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