Sunday, December 29, 2013

Surprise Surprise!

Hey Everyone!

It has been nearly a week since I last posted- I apologize!

So much has been going on. The holidays were so busy (but fun, of course) and then I got an unexpected surprise from my honey. 

He surprised me with a trip to Washington DC!

We have a couple good friends that live there that we hardly get to see and since I took a couple days off work next week, I wanted to travel. We decided we weren't going to due to scheduling conflicts- but I later found out he was planning the whole thing out and included everyone around me so everyone knew except me! 

I was so surprised! He really pulled it off. I am so thankful and blessed!

We did so much in the first day!

We went to the DC mall and went to a store called C Wonder. I found such cute plates and a phone case that had A's on them to match my name :)
~ W and I joined our friends and went to the Hop's restaurant and enjoyed dinner as well as those honey glazed mini croissants! YUM! 

~ We have passed by the memorial so many times now and I finally got a pic! 
We joined our friend's family in visiting the Holocaust Memorial. It is a great reminder of how blessed we all are and how we are not finished ending genocide.

To celebrate being in New England, W and I went to Lou's Sports Bar and watched the Patriots beat the Buffalo Bills! Go Patriots! :)

I hope everyone has had a good holiday! Anything exciting that went on? Share in the comments section below! :) :) I love to hear from you.

I will post more updates on the trip including what's in store for New Years as this trip unfolds!

I guess there are many more surprises ;) Cant wait!


  1. Very nice, Miss Aisha! And OF COURSE we all knew, Ha! Ha! He got you! : )

    I'm glad you are having a good time. Such a blessing!

  2. That's such a cool surprised face! So exciting!


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