Monday, December 30, 2013

Everyday Blessings

This trip has been such a blessing so far. 

Today, W surprised me with a 90 minute full body massage! It was much needed and had me in heaven! I am thankful!

I was thinking today about how good Jesus is, all the time. & then it got me thinking about Saturday morning when we were leaving for DC. 
Since W was surprising me, he had to make up a fake scenario of what we are doing. He told me he wanted to do a late night casino trip and stay there for the weekend. So he made me pack different things and woke me up at 4:30 am because he was ready to "go to the casino".  He also told me his nephew and his nephew's girlfriend wanted to come but we had to pick up his girlfriend, who lived by the airport. Ha! Ha! Its so funny looking back.

Anyway, by the time we were by the airport, he said he took a wrong turn into the airport. I honestly didn't realize we weren't going to the casino until he pulled up to the curb for passenger drop off. Ha!

Although I was completely surprised, W was rushed! I soon realized we had 30 minutes to catch our flight and the airport was PACKED! 

It looked like an impossible situation but I remembered this verse:

I knew, no matter what it looked like, Jesus would handle it for us. So as easy as it was to be frustrated, I knew all things would work out.

I saw a girl I went to highschool with who I havent talked to in a long time who helped us budge atleast 7 minutes of the line. I was so thankful for just that! Then, after 5 minutes of standing and realizing we still need to budge others, a man let us budge another 10 minutes of the line to get to the security check.

Security check was a breeze and we ran to our gate. Still though- we just missed our flight by 2 mintues. Although it hadnt left the gate, the docking station was detached.

I wasn't giving up hope yet- because I know God could make things right!

The lady who was at the gate helped us get rescheduled. She said she was feeling "charitable" and bumped us up to a non-stop flight (our original flight was a multi stop). That gave us some time to rest, eat and get situated. And it let me process all that was happening!

THEN- W said he really wishes one of the guys that rode the carts would offer us a ride because our gate was very far and all of a sudden one came and asked us if we wanted a ride! WOW!

Praise God!
It really comes to show that when you have faith and trust in the Lord, all things are possible and work out for your good. That situation sure didnt look like it could end well, but then God placed people there to help us and get us on the right flight to get us to our destination. He is good like that!

If you practice looking at your situations with faith rather than with plain sight- you will start seeing how things can work out in your favor. Because nothing is impossible when you have faith.


  1. Wow, he held the surprise all the way up to the passenger drop off, that's good! LOL Enjoy your trip! :)


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