Saturday, December 21, 2013

Everyday Blessings

Good Morning!

Last night a group of my friends and I got together and went to celebrate the Holidays with a Minnesota tradition called the Holidazzle! It is the last year they are holding it so we thought it would be good to see it for the last time.

It was very cold so I made sure to be prepared to be freezing while watching it.

I wore my favorite black shawl coat with a black beanie and some gloves.

The Holidazzle is a parade of stories from our childhood where they decorate the boats according to the story and they add lights and things related to the holidays.

 After the Holidazzle, we went back near home and got some dinner and drinks!

Haha, she is so cute :)

I got tomato basil soup- it was so good! I also got mushroom ravioli but I was so hungry that I forgot to take a picture! LOL. 

They honestly had the best tomato basil soup I have ever had! Definitely going back :)

& today I am of course thanking God for another beautiful day! I plan on finishing my Christmas shopping today and making some holiday goodies :) Stay tuned for that!

I hope you have a Happy Saturday! A new blog post will be up tomorrow!

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  1. You are so, so pretty!

    Love the pictures. Looks like such a good time! Your tomato basil soup looks delicious!


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