Friday, December 6, 2013

40 Days//12 Days of Christmas Giveaways Day 6

Happy [Friday] Everyone!

I bet everyone loves today (if you get the weekend off). Knowing I dont have to wake up tomorrow morning makes me feel SO good!

We have gotten plenty of snowfall here in MN that last couple days. But being the time of year it is- its so fitting. One thing I love most about snowfalls this time of year is how the snow looks on the trees with lights on them. Heres a couple pics I was able to snap:

So pretty! I wish I couldve gotten them with my better camera!

40 Days Update:

I am on my 36th day today!
Time has flown by- I cannot believe it is almost done.

Looking back, the first part of the 40 days felt easier and list last part is coming so fast. It was the middle of the 40 days when I struggled and sometimes got off course of what God was asking me. But He still took me through each phase- whether I passed it with flying colors or not. I have learned so much! I will share later once it is completely done but I feel so different! Inside and out. I have lost 4.5 pounds doing more workouts/eating healthier and inside I feel so much more confident, secure, and proud of who I am. Jesus has really shown me what His love really is like- not just what we as people have been trained to think love is. Its been a journey- and He said He will be leading me down this path again- I just dont know when. 

Even in the closing days things have changed. Things I wasnt anticipating. But sometimes when you think things will go one way- God has a different plan. 

In this last phase Jesus is teaching me to give all control to Him. To STOP thinking about what could happen, what should happen, or what I want to happen. & just rely on Him moment by moment. 

There may be only 4 days left- but just as He has been teaching me everyday for the last 36 days- I know there is more learning in these last days! 

Stay tuned ;)

Now onto the 6th Day of the 12 DOC Giveaway! 

Here are the featured bloggers today- one is me! haha.

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  1. Beautiful trees with the snow and lights. And so beautiful what you said. So right! Your blog post teaches us to leave everything in God's hands and He will take care of you. A lesson i have to learn too. Thanks for the lesson. :)

  2. love the, black luxe drop earrings and the honeycomb earrings too!!!!!!

  3. i love the coral ombre gem necklace and the golden arrow bracelet


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