Sunday, November 3, 2013

Following Instructions and 40 days of Transformation

Happy Sunday Everyone!

What are your plans today? Sunday is one of my favorite days... I enjoy everyday (or try to) but I enjoy Sundays because its the day I get to go to church and praise the Lord with other people that love Him just as much as I do. Its so freeing. 

& that what I am going to talk about today. Freedom.

A while ago, Jesus gave me a word on following instructions. He gave me much wisdom in a paragraph or two. It's amazing, He chose me to give this wonderful Word to and now about 4 months later my pastor is talking about it at church. Its amazing to have confirmation that Jesus is talking to me every day. One thing He has made me recognize is how crucial it is to follow His instructions- because if you don't, you are risking for things to not turn out the way you have hoped. 

His Message:

In the word He gave me, He used a nice skirt as an example. He said that if you don't follow the directions on how to wash your skirt, you are at risk of the fabric being ruined and then you will be unable to wear it again. He said though, if you follow instructions, you will be able to wear it again with it clean and plentiful. He continued to say that if we follow His instructions, good will come unto us and everything will work out as it ought to- this meaning according to His plan and purpose, not always our own. He said we must follow His Word and Follow Him. He said when He gives us instruction, we must follow it- things will then start working out as your prayers and hopes desire. If we don't choose to follow instructions, not only will things not turn out the way we hoped, but also situations may seem like a revolving circle, when God always meant us to be prosperous.

I have been thinking a lot about this lately. I started thinking about where I was a year ago, and where I am today. What things in my life today are still the same as they were a year ago? 

& there was one thing that I could think of. 

For this particular "thing"- Lets call the thing a job- Jesus told me to take 40 days away from it. God had given me instruction on this job before but I had not listened- hence why it has stayed the same for yet another year. He told me that if I were to take 40 days completely away from this  job that it would break the cycle of it being the same over and over again.

He told me this about 2 months ago. I didn't listen at first. But Jesus continued to show me why it was crucial to follow His instructions. I tried, failed, tried again and failed again. But thankfully,  
I serve a God that never gives up on His children!

He showed me the struggles I continue to have with this job, the bondage it has kept me in. The chains that were all around me from it. I felt very unvalued in this job. He showed me how I would let little stuff effect me when really there were deeper reasons for my feelings or reactions toward this job.  He showed me that regardless of the reasons I had for not following His instructions the real reason was FEAR. I was full of fear of what could happen if I listen God and took 40 days away from this job. Would I ever get it back? Would they find someone else? Could something go wrong?  Would I be proven right about this job? 

I was AFRAID of the unknown

As I have thought about it and talked to Jesus, He always asks me the same questions- 
Do You Trust Me? Have You No Faith
He reminds me of the words I speak to Him and people- that I believe His Word and believe that He can do exceeding abundantly above all I could ask or think. That He is the way the truth and the life. That He loves me beyond measure and would and will never forsake me. That he is an Almighty God and can turn things around over night. 
& then He continues to remind me of what He told me so long ago and what my pastor told me once- that sometimes God wants us to give to Him what means the most to us. To give it up to the altar.

He wants to see our obedience so He can continue to help us be prosperous. He is such a giving God. But He will withhold some things from us until we are ready. Just as God tested Abraham's obedience with his son on the mountain, God will also have tests for us. 
He told me once I give up this job and seek Him- I would go through a major transformation during the 40 days and the chains will break away. So I am calling this 40 days of transformation.

I lift this up to You, Jesus, for FREEDOM. 

For the first time, I feel peace. & I do trust God... Not saying this 40 days will be easy, but I know it will be worth it and it will give me more opportunity to learn about the One True King. I am so thankful who God is. He is so real! I wish everyone could experience it. 

I am calling this 40 days of Transformation. Here are some goals during this 40 days:
1) Do less judging
3) Blog at least 3 times a week
4) Start working out regularly
5) Eat Cleaner
6)Do a cleanse
8)Share what Jesus is showing me and teaching me
9) Be more humble
10) Spend more time with Jesus
11) Go to Sunday School every week

Wish me luck! I will keep everyone updated as I blog about each goal. Tag along for the journey!

Im ready to be more prosperous in Christ, are you?? :)

Its so easy for us to look at things the way they appear in the moment- but God wants us to look at the bigger picture- through faith. I am thankful that He shows me these things because I love to continue learning. 
There are sometimes much more to things than what meets the eye at the initial glance...

Has God been putting something on your heart to change? To give to Him? You are not in this journey alone.

Hope this is helpful for people going through a trial. God bless!



  1. Great goals, Aisha. I'm looking to start volunteering more as well. It just seems like I can be doing more with my time! xo

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  3. oh this is good stuff. so glad you left a comment on my blog bc now i get to read yours :)

  4. 40 dyas of transformation is such a great idea! I love your goals. I feel like its the perfect time to do something like this. Around the Holidays we all get caught up in everything and lose our focus of what' s important <3

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  7. Wow! This sounds like such a good idea to do!! I want to try this!


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