Wednesday, November 20, 2013

40 days//Weekend Fun//OOTD

Hey [Loves]!

I know its probably late for me to do a weekend recap but I enjoyed myself too much not to share lol. 

I have been working about 10-12 hour days right now (gotta love Q4) so when I get home I am so pooped! I have been getting home and going straight to bed!

Luckily, I had a nice relaxing weekend to get me prepared:

I hung out with my girlfriends all weekend- which was so great because with how schedules have been, it doesnt get to happen as much as I would like. 

Since I started my cleanse on Monday, on Sunday my best friend and I decided to treat ourselves to homemade cookies ( with added peanut butter M&Ms) and icecream. It was DELISH!

I started my cleanse on Monday- let me tell you- it was so hard. I started the Suero Viv cleanse which basically calls you to drink 6 bottles of their probiotic cultured whey beverage and no food or other drinks. It was hard for me to do it because I have never done a cleanse before so I think I was a little aggressive with thinking I could do it without any food.

After doing more research, I learned I shouldve done my first cleanse with eating raw veggies or greens with other drinks like green tea. Because I wasnt used to eating, I had major headaches and I couldnt concentrate. Also- I was so crabby and irritable!- so I thought the healthiest thing to do was bring back some food. 

Now I am happy again! LOL

I decided I am still going to drink the drinks but also have food in my diet- I think having probiotics is healthy but everything in moderation- and completely quitting food cold turkey wasnt probably the smartest idea for my first cleanse.



As I mentioned in my last post, I bought a new fabulous coat from Zara. I am in love! I thought I would take a pic with it so you could see ( I will take more in the future)

This was my church attire on Sunday. 
Coat from Zara

Kate Spade Earrings

Skirt from Target// Shirt from Nordstrom// belt from Target

I dont remember where I got the shoes but they are so comfy!!
Hope you are having a good week loves! 

Talk to you soon :)


  1. Cute! Yes, you probably shouldn't quit food cold turkey.. OoO Speaking of turkey - can't wait for Thanksgiving :) hahaha

  2. You are gorgeous! Love the outfit!

    And glad that you decide to incorporate food into your cleanse ... it can't be too healthy to cut food out altogether.

  3. I love Kate Spade and those earrings are gorgeous on you!


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