Thursday, November 7, 2013

40 days// Thankful Thursday// Making a Difference

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

I honestly can't believe it's already Thursday. Time really flies! 

This week has  been jam packed! 

So just to reiterate, part of my 40 days transformation I set some goals for myself and they are:

1) Do less judging
3) Blog at least 3 times a week
4) Start working out regularly
5) Eat Cleaner
6)Do a cleanse
8)Share what Jesus is showing me and teaching me
9) Be more humble
10) Spend more time with Jesus
11) Go to Sunday School every week

Well on top of starting to eat cleaner, I have also started a new workout program called T25! I have had it for awhile but just never kept up with it but now I am making the vow! I started last week and I have already seen a difference! I love when you can start seeing results right away. Its nice to finally be motivated to do these workouts again!

yummy oatmeal with craisins :)

I am also doing a couple volunteer events this week!

First I am really excited that I got accepted to be a mentor to young women at the University of Minnesota on their career and career planning. I love to help people and have a passion for seeing people succeed so I am excited to share my experience and love for fashion and design to help other young women get motivated about their majors and career paths as well!

Its also Thankful Thursday!

I am thankful for so many things- but one thing I am especially thankful for this week is that my best friend started working at Target HQ with me! It has been so fun having lunches with her and having someone to ride the bus home with. Here we are in our work outfits yesterday :)

So much fun having her here with me! She is truly such a great friend to have and I am so thankful God put her in my life! I can share anything with her without having to worry about judgement, rejection or anything negative. She is truly a positive light in my life! Love her!

I am also thankful for the rest of my friends and family- they are always so supportive and always encourage me. I truly have a army behind me and I love it! Always there to fight for me, sacrifice for me, and love me. I could never repay them for the love they have shown me throughout the years!

Heres some of them:

My Nephew

my sister
My Mom

My dad



Best friends

my little :)

These girls :)

family :)

My AKPsi brothers

Margaret hehe

These women! 

I am teaming up with other bloggers for Thankful Thursday. Grab the link and tag along!


  1. You work at Target HQ? How fun! What do you do there?

    1. Yes I do! I am a merchandise planning business analyst for them.

  2. You have so many amazing people in your life! :) So glad to find your beautiful blog.


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