Tuesday, November 26, 2013

40 Days// The Gift of Free Will

-Hey Everyone-

I wasn't going to post today but I have felt inspired to post about something I have been learning about. 

During this 40 days- Jesus has been teaching me so much. He has been testing me a lot and also chastising me - but as much as sometimes I try to fight with the things He is teaching me- I know they are right and it is for a better purpose. 

This is a testimony where God took a mistake I made and showed me grace and taught me instead of punished me. HE is SOO good :)

I have been dealing with this situation where someone I know is making choices that could potentially hurt them and others. I didnt understand how the person couldnt see the wrong choices they were making or why they didnt understand why it bothered me. 

One thing Jesus has been teaching me during this 40 days is to be slow to speak. Soft spoken. Its easy to say it but its not as easy to do it. (lol)

Even today I couldn't control myself and I said something to the person- I felt the need to tell them what they were doing was wrong- thinking me intervening would do something

I didnt practice being slow to speak. I didnt THINK about what I was saying or what it would do to help the situation (something I have talked about in my blog in the past). I found myself going against the things I talk about to others and on my blog- how important it is to think before speaking.

Anyways- after saying to the person what I thought needed to be said, I soon realized how much it didnt help and truthfully, didnt change their mind. So I started praying about it and this is what Jesus told me:

He first helped me see how my approach was wrong. I came at this person in a judging way instead of a way of love and wanting understanding. I immediately repented. He also showed me how instead of thinking about what I was about to say or do, I just said it and the result was not good- even if that is what i expected. I wasn't slow to speak. So i repented again.

But moreover- he started talking to me about something my Pastor has preached about- about violating someone's will.

By judging the person and telling them they shouldnt do it or trying to intervene in the situation by taking things into my own hands was violating their will. 

By violating their will, I was going against His will.

God doesn't violate our will- so why should we violate others' will? He started talking to me about how He has to experience people go against His will everyday- how much people are blind to the fact that free will was a gift from Him. Instead we think its a given
& its true- free will is a gift and God never violates our free will- so we do not have the right to violate other peoples' wills. & even though it may be hard to watch people go down the wrong path, we have to remember how Jesus drew us to him- he didn't draw us in from judging us and beating us up- but he drew us in with His love. 

It makes me so thankful! 
Because by Jesus showing and teaching me how much we take our free will for granted and go against His will- it makes me want to continue to do His will to show Him how much I appreciate His many gifts- because He has given us so many.

He continually shows us mercy, grace and compassion- all things that have to do with His love for us. & thats what he calls us to do for others. That despite how we feel about people's actions- whether they are wrong or right- we should always show love first. To be the lights in the world of darkness just as Jesus is a light to us. 
& if we ever have troubles or don't understand- He is always here to listen and help us make the right choices. 

To be able to have made a mistake and not only be shown grace but to be taught why its important to be slow to speak and to avoid violating one's will is truly a blessing. Thats who Jesus is! He is not only my redeemer, my Father, my Rock, my Example, but he is my Teacher! 

He is teaching us to be like Him. 
Because we are His children! 

He is SO good!

I hope this was able to help you know its okay to make mistakes- just remember to learn from them and keep striving to be better! Jesus isn't hear to hurt you- he is here to help you and love you on this journey to Him!



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  1. Good post; That is definitely important to not violate each other's wills. I find it helpful to say or do whatever Jesus wants me to say to that person, and consider it done - because His word always does what it is supposed to do. It will not return void - no matter what it looks like.

    Isaiah 55:11 So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.


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