Thursday, November 28, 2013

40 days// Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

I hope everyone has something great planned today with family and/or friends. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because although they try to make it about shopping and what not- it truly reminds us how blessed we are and how thankful we should really be. It reminds you that no matter what is going on in your life- there is still a table for you to sit and eat somewhere- whether its at a food shelf or your grandmothers dinner table. Tis the season of giving and to be thankful!

I am so thankful for so many things and people.
Im thankful for everything from having a nice toothbrush and toothpaste to money in the bank to my group of family and friends around me. Today I am going to touch on one person that I am extremely thankful for in my life.

I am more thankful to Him that I am to anyone and that is my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He has brought me through soooo many trials and has showed me and taught me so many things- I am so thankful for WHO He is and for what He does. 

Tomorrow marks a year of a tragedy that happened in my life.
It was by far the biggest thing that has ever happened to me and the thing I will never forget. It was the worst part of my life and I never thought what happened would have happened to me. At a time that I thought I would never be able to rise up again, Jesus showed me such grace and mercy. How He came to me, when He came to me changed my life forever. It took me over a month to see what Jesus was telling me during this hard time but the biggest thing He showed me was love and forgiveness. In January will mark a year of me being saved and if it weren't for Him bringing me out of my tragedy and seeing His love and grace- I don't know where I would be. I look to where I was mentally, physically and spiritually a year ago and it has been like a 360. The things I was doing last year don't even cross my mind to do now. 

My thinking has changed, my mind has changed. 
Jesus truly changed my mind and my heart and I am FOREVER grateful for Him! I could shout it from the mountain tops all the days of my life. Every time I even say the name Jesus- I literally feel like crying and shouting for joy- because His love inside me and Him as a Father is the best thing I could have ever asked for and experienced. 

Im Happy Now.

My Heavenly Father, I love you too. If it werent for you i dont know where I would be. What happened last year was the worst thing I have ever been through and you brought me out. I thank you for bringing it to my mind but in a way that I am thankful for what you have done and as a way for me to be reminded of your glory. I thank you for your mercy and grace that shows me that my past is not part of my future. Your love has overflown in my life and I look around everyday and cannot help but be overwhemed with complete gratitude. You are my rock and my stronghold. You are my Father. & I get excited to think how I will be able to worship and praise you all the days of my life and forever. I thank you for all you do- to teach me things, to show me things to guide me and help me prosper- so your will can be fulfilled. Thank you for choosing me. Most of all I thank you for who you are. It is because of you that I will be able to have everlasting life in your Kingdom, that I can fall but get back up, that I can live each day with no worries. You are my one true love. & I am so thankful to have you as my Father. Amen.

I wish and pray everyone can experience a love like this. 

There is someone else I never got to get to know but am still thankful for. They were in my life for such a short time but made such an impact. I think of this person so much because they changed my life. They were such a blessing and I fell in love with this person right away. This person is up in heaven now but I know they are in the best hands- the hands of our Father. I am excited to truly get to know you someday.

& Of course I am thankful for all of you. I am so thankful for your love and support with my blog. If it weren't for you- I wouldn't keep feeling the need to share what I am learning. THANK YOU!

I hope everyone has a safe and WONDERFUL Thanksgiving! 

Here is a song that has been on my playlist for a couple days now :)


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

40 Days// The Gift of Free Will

-Hey Everyone-

I wasn't going to post today but I have felt inspired to post about something I have been learning about. 

During this 40 days- Jesus has been teaching me so much. He has been testing me a lot and also chastising me - but as much as sometimes I try to fight with the things He is teaching me- I know they are right and it is for a better purpose. 

This is a testimony where God took a mistake I made and showed me grace and taught me instead of punished me. HE is SOO good :)

I have been dealing with this situation where someone I know is making choices that could potentially hurt them and others. I didnt understand how the person couldnt see the wrong choices they were making or why they didnt understand why it bothered me. 

One thing Jesus has been teaching me during this 40 days is to be slow to speak. Soft spoken. Its easy to say it but its not as easy to do it. (lol)

Even today I couldn't control myself and I said something to the person- I felt the need to tell them what they were doing was wrong- thinking me intervening would do something

I didnt practice being slow to speak. I didnt THINK about what I was saying or what it would do to help the situation (something I have talked about in my blog in the past). I found myself going against the things I talk about to others and on my blog- how important it is to think before speaking.

Anyways- after saying to the person what I thought needed to be said, I soon realized how much it didnt help and truthfully, didnt change their mind. So I started praying about it and this is what Jesus told me:

He first helped me see how my approach was wrong. I came at this person in a judging way instead of a way of love and wanting understanding. I immediately repented. He also showed me how instead of thinking about what I was about to say or do, I just said it and the result was not good- even if that is what i expected. I wasn't slow to speak. So i repented again.

But moreover- he started talking to me about something my Pastor has preached about- about violating someone's will.

By judging the person and telling them they shouldnt do it or trying to intervene in the situation by taking things into my own hands was violating their will. 

By violating their will, I was going against His will.

God doesn't violate our will- so why should we violate others' will? He started talking to me about how He has to experience people go against His will everyday- how much people are blind to the fact that free will was a gift from Him. Instead we think its a given
& its true- free will is a gift and God never violates our free will- so we do not have the right to violate other peoples' wills. & even though it may be hard to watch people go down the wrong path, we have to remember how Jesus drew us to him- he didn't draw us in from judging us and beating us up- but he drew us in with His love. 

It makes me so thankful! 
Because by Jesus showing and teaching me how much we take our free will for granted and go against His will- it makes me want to continue to do His will to show Him how much I appreciate His many gifts- because He has given us so many.

He continually shows us mercy, grace and compassion- all things that have to do with His love for us. & thats what he calls us to do for others. That despite how we feel about people's actions- whether they are wrong or right- we should always show love first. To be the lights in the world of darkness just as Jesus is a light to us. 
& if we ever have troubles or don't understand- He is always here to listen and help us make the right choices. 

To be able to have made a mistake and not only be shown grace but to be taught why its important to be slow to speak and to avoid violating one's will is truly a blessing. Thats who Jesus is! He is not only my redeemer, my Father, my Rock, my Example, but he is my Teacher! 

He is teaching us to be like Him. 
Because we are His children! 

He is SO good!

I hope this was able to help you know its okay to make mistakes- just remember to learn from them and keep striving to be better! Jesus isn't hear to hurt you- he is here to help you and love you on this journey to Him!



Wednesday, November 20, 2013

40 days//Weekend Fun//OOTD

Hey [Loves]!

I know its probably late for me to do a weekend recap but I enjoyed myself too much not to share lol. 

I have been working about 10-12 hour days right now (gotta love Q4) so when I get home I am so pooped! I have been getting home and going straight to bed!

Luckily, I had a nice relaxing weekend to get me prepared:

I hung out with my girlfriends all weekend- which was so great because with how schedules have been, it doesnt get to happen as much as I would like. 

Since I started my cleanse on Monday, on Sunday my best friend and I decided to treat ourselves to homemade cookies ( with added peanut butter M&Ms) and icecream. It was DELISH!

I started my cleanse on Monday- let me tell you- it was so hard. I started the Suero Viv cleanse which basically calls you to drink 6 bottles of their probiotic cultured whey beverage and no food or other drinks. It was hard for me to do it because I have never done a cleanse before so I think I was a little aggressive with thinking I could do it without any food.

After doing more research, I learned I shouldve done my first cleanse with eating raw veggies or greens with other drinks like green tea. Because I wasnt used to eating, I had major headaches and I couldnt concentrate. Also- I was so crabby and irritable!- so I thought the healthiest thing to do was bring back some food. 

Now I am happy again! LOL

I decided I am still going to drink the drinks but also have food in my diet- I think having probiotics is healthy but everything in moderation- and completely quitting food cold turkey wasnt probably the smartest idea for my first cleanse.



As I mentioned in my last post, I bought a new fabulous coat from Zara. I am in love! I thought I would take a pic with it so you could see ( I will take more in the future)

This was my church attire on Sunday. 
Coat from Zara

Kate Spade Earrings

Skirt from Target// Shirt from Nordstrom// belt from Target

I dont remember where I got the shoes but they are so comfy!!
Hope you are having a good week loves! 

Talk to you soon :)

Thursday, November 14, 2013

40 days// New Winter Must Haves//Thankful Thursday

-Hello Loves-

Hope everyone is having a good week... I have been so tired this week- I wonder if its because my body is fatigued from working out ;)

[40 Day Transformation Update]:

So if you read a couple posts ago, I am doing what I decided to call a 40 day transformation. Long story short, I felt God was telling me to take 40 days away from something that meant a whole lot to me. He asked me to give it up to the altar and spend 40 days with Him- kind of fasting. I am now on my 14th day (2 weeks down, 4 to go!) and it has been such an experience. 

At first, I didn't really feel anything- just sadness really- because I was thinking about something I lost, not something I was gaining. But after praying about it and talking with God about it, He really helped me understand what this 40 days is really about. 

This past week He has been showing me a whole lot- mainly, how to just enjoy [Peace in His Presence] at all times ( kind of like the Jesus Calling devotional reads) as well as how to handle situations by turning to Him, not trying to control things myself ( people who know me know I have control issues lol).

Im learning about what He meant by Freedom! 

He has been helping me practice those things and it has been so great- it helps me see how much God is doing in every situation that comes up in my day. How seamless everything works out isn't by chance- and its cool to continually have the layers on my eyes peeled back to see what God really wants me to see.

I am learning so much patience- although its only been two weeks- my patience has really been tried. But with God's guidance on what to do- I have been able to deal with the situations the right way, rather than the way I feel like dealing with it at the moment (which I usually end up regretting).

When I first started this, I didnt know what God was doing- and I still dont understand fully, but I am excited for the ride.

I am so excited to see what the next 4 weeks brings- He says He has a lot more coming.. I cant help but to desire more and more from Him.

I am SO thankful for what He is doing in my life!!!! 

During this 40 days of transformation, I set some goals other goals up to help me transform- not only spiritually and mentally- but physically! 

As I mentioned last week, I have lost 3lbs doing T25! Now I am going to start a cleanse called Suero Viv! Its a 3 day cleanse that is completely organic that will get all the nasty stuff out of my body so I can continue this transformation free of junk in my body! Excited for that- I will give a review of it when I finish! (Im doing it this weekend).

I also got a couple new things this week that I am so excited for because it helps complete my winter must haves list! 

1] I got a new Woolen Wrap Coat (shown on model)
2] I got some new leather booties from Target 
3] New Lip Butter to keep my lips from getting chapped 
4] Kate Spade Earrings 
5]A new denim shirts
6] 4 different pairs of leggings and yoga pants
7] new tights for work

What do you think about my buys this week? What have you gotten to complete your winter collection??

Have a good Friday tomorrow everyone! 


Heres a tune that was something on my playlist today-- enjoy :)

Monday, November 11, 2013

40 days// Weekend Recap// Song for the Soul

Happy Monday

I definitely was not ready for it to be Monday- I felt like the weekend was just getting started! LOL

But good news! I am on day 11 of my 40 days of Transformation! God is continuing to show me so much!
 Quick Update:

1] I have lost 3lbs doing T25! It feels great after not working out or making an effort to have a good work/life/workout balance lol.
2]I didnt cheat on food all last week! (excpet Sunday- which was a special occasion)

3] I can officially mark volunteering off my list although I may do more :) I did two volunteer events last week (see below)
4]I have ordered some organics to start my cleanse next week! That should be interesting. 

Over this weekend, I got to spend time with my two sisters which was so fun! It has been awhile since we all got to spend time together since the youngest one is in college and my oldest one has a baby which keeps her busy!

I also got to volunteer! 
..To celebrate those who are overseas serving our country, a couple girlfriends and I went to a volunteer event to write letters of thanks to them for what they are doing! It was so fun. It was organized by Target in partnership with Operation Gratitude. :)

It was so fun! I am glad I got to take part in it and check another goal off my list for my 40 day Transformation.

How was your weekend??

While I am sitting in meetings at work, I often find myself wanting to go back to my desk to get into the zone of my work with some jams. I often sing songs in my head and I don't even realize it until I have repeated in a few times! LOL 

So I thought I would share one of the songs I was getting excited about today :) 

Have a good rest of your day! 


Thursday, November 7, 2013

40 days// Thankful Thursday// Making a Difference

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

I honestly can't believe it's already Thursday. Time really flies! 

This week has  been jam packed! 

So just to reiterate, part of my 40 days transformation I set some goals for myself and they are:

1) Do less judging
3) Blog at least 3 times a week
4) Start working out regularly
5) Eat Cleaner
6)Do a cleanse
8)Share what Jesus is showing me and teaching me
9) Be more humble
10) Spend more time with Jesus
11) Go to Sunday School every week

Well on top of starting to eat cleaner, I have also started a new workout program called T25! I have had it for awhile but just never kept up with it but now I am making the vow! I started last week and I have already seen a difference! I love when you can start seeing results right away. Its nice to finally be motivated to do these workouts again!

yummy oatmeal with craisins :)

I am also doing a couple volunteer events this week!

First I am really excited that I got accepted to be a mentor to young women at the University of Minnesota on their career and career planning. I love to help people and have a passion for seeing people succeed so I am excited to share my experience and love for fashion and design to help other young women get motivated about their majors and career paths as well!

Its also Thankful Thursday!

I am thankful for so many things- but one thing I am especially thankful for this week is that my best friend started working at Target HQ with me! It has been so fun having lunches with her and having someone to ride the bus home with. Here we are in our work outfits yesterday :)

So much fun having her here with me! She is truly such a great friend to have and I am so thankful God put her in my life! I can share anything with her without having to worry about judgement, rejection or anything negative. She is truly a positive light in my life! Love her!

I am also thankful for the rest of my friends and family- they are always so supportive and always encourage me. I truly have a army behind me and I love it! Always there to fight for me, sacrifice for me, and love me. I could never repay them for the love they have shown me throughout the years!

Heres some of them:

My Nephew

my sister
My Mom

My dad



Best friends

my little :)

These girls :)

family :)

My AKPsi brothers

Margaret hehe

These women! 

I am teaming up with other bloggers for Thankful Thursday. Grab the link and tag along!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Following Instructions and 40 days of Transformation

Happy Sunday Everyone!

What are your plans today? Sunday is one of my favorite days... I enjoy everyday (or try to) but I enjoy Sundays because its the day I get to go to church and praise the Lord with other people that love Him just as much as I do. Its so freeing. 

& that what I am going to talk about today. Freedom.

A while ago, Jesus gave me a word on following instructions. He gave me much wisdom in a paragraph or two. It's amazing, He chose me to give this wonderful Word to and now about 4 months later my pastor is talking about it at church. Its amazing to have confirmation that Jesus is talking to me every day. One thing He has made me recognize is how crucial it is to follow His instructions- because if you don't, you are risking for things to not turn out the way you have hoped. 

His Message:

In the word He gave me, He used a nice skirt as an example. He said that if you don't follow the directions on how to wash your skirt, you are at risk of the fabric being ruined and then you will be unable to wear it again. He said though, if you follow instructions, you will be able to wear it again with it clean and plentiful. He continued to say that if we follow His instructions, good will come unto us and everything will work out as it ought to- this meaning according to His plan and purpose, not always our own. He said we must follow His Word and Follow Him. He said when He gives us instruction, we must follow it- things will then start working out as your prayers and hopes desire. If we don't choose to follow instructions, not only will things not turn out the way we hoped, but also situations may seem like a revolving circle, when God always meant us to be prosperous.

I have been thinking a lot about this lately. I started thinking about where I was a year ago, and where I am today. What things in my life today are still the same as they were a year ago? 

& there was one thing that I could think of. 

For this particular "thing"- Lets call the thing a job- Jesus told me to take 40 days away from it. God had given me instruction on this job before but I had not listened- hence why it has stayed the same for yet another year. He told me that if I were to take 40 days completely away from this  job that it would break the cycle of it being the same over and over again.

He told me this about 2 months ago. I didn't listen at first. But Jesus continued to show me why it was crucial to follow His instructions. I tried, failed, tried again and failed again. But thankfully,  
I serve a God that never gives up on His children!

He showed me the struggles I continue to have with this job, the bondage it has kept me in. The chains that were all around me from it. I felt very unvalued in this job. He showed me how I would let little stuff effect me when really there were deeper reasons for my feelings or reactions toward this job.  He showed me that regardless of the reasons I had for not following His instructions the real reason was FEAR. I was full of fear of what could happen if I listen God and took 40 days away from this job. Would I ever get it back? Would they find someone else? Could something go wrong?  Would I be proven right about this job? 

I was AFRAID of the unknown

As I have thought about it and talked to Jesus, He always asks me the same questions- 
Do You Trust Me? Have You No Faith
He reminds me of the words I speak to Him and people- that I believe His Word and believe that He can do exceeding abundantly above all I could ask or think. That He is the way the truth and the life. That He loves me beyond measure and would and will never forsake me. That he is an Almighty God and can turn things around over night. 
& then He continues to remind me of what He told me so long ago and what my pastor told me once- that sometimes God wants us to give to Him what means the most to us. To give it up to the altar.

He wants to see our obedience so He can continue to help us be prosperous. He is such a giving God. But He will withhold some things from us until we are ready. Just as God tested Abraham's obedience with his son on the mountain, God will also have tests for us. 
He told me once I give up this job and seek Him- I would go through a major transformation during the 40 days and the chains will break away. So I am calling this 40 days of transformation.

I lift this up to You, Jesus, for FREEDOM. 

For the first time, I feel peace. & I do trust God... Not saying this 40 days will be easy, but I know it will be worth it and it will give me more opportunity to learn about the One True King. I am so thankful who God is. He is so real! I wish everyone could experience it. 

I am calling this 40 days of Transformation. Here are some goals during this 40 days:
1) Do less judging
3) Blog at least 3 times a week
4) Start working out regularly
5) Eat Cleaner
6)Do a cleanse
8)Share what Jesus is showing me and teaching me
9) Be more humble
10) Spend more time with Jesus
11) Go to Sunday School every week

Wish me luck! I will keep everyone updated as I blog about each goal. Tag along for the journey!

Im ready to be more prosperous in Christ, are you?? :)

Its so easy for us to look at things the way they appear in the moment- but God wants us to look at the bigger picture- through faith. I am thankful that He shows me these things because I love to continue learning. 
There are sometimes much more to things than what meets the eye at the initial glance...

Has God been putting something on your heart to change? To give to Him? You are not in this journey alone.

Hope this is helpful for people going through a trial. God bless!


Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween Recap!

-Happy Saturday Everyone-

I hope everyone has been well! It has been about 10 days since my last post- & I am sorry! It is officially the start of Q4 in the retail world and that means one thing: Craziness in the office. I have been working longer hours so I dont often get "my time" as much as I would like during off work hours.

One thing I got to do on Hallows Eve is cook some homemade chicken and cheese quesadillas! I added 3 kinds of cheeses and some awesome chipotle sauce and it turned out so good! 

I added some chipotle sauce on top of mine because I wasn't sure if I would like it :)

I hope everyone had a great Halloween! I initially wasn't going to do anything but then I decided I should break out of my shell (my sister sometimes calls me a hermit) and get out of the house for some halloween fun. Last night I ended up hanging out with some work friends and enjoyed being a fairy for the night :) 

Best part of it all?? My costume lit up! I got it on clearance last year :) I went my the name Fayela the Fairy- which means faith and beauty. So I was attempting to be the fairy of faith and beauty LOL.

This sweetheart I met at work- she is such a great person to have gotten to know!
I had a great time and I am glad I went out. I have been telling myself that I need to get to know more people and get out of my comfort zone. & I am glad I did! 

What did you do for Halloween???

Tomorrow I am going to be posting about why I am choosing to follow instructions after battling with some inner guilt and resentment for over a year- and what Jesus says it will do.

Stay tuned!!