Tuesday, September 17, 2013

MBFW Recap, OOTD & Testimony

Hey Everyone! 

Happy Tuesday! 

Its been a minute since I have written a blog post- work has been really busy & somewhat overwhelming. Along with life in general just being busy. 

I couldnt wait to talk about Mercedes Benz Fashion Week! So many great collections this season and I cannot wait to see the celebs wear them. 

My Winner for Best Fashion during MBFW is... [drumroll]
Bagdley Mischka!

They did such a nice job with the presentation and the design! I couldnt get enough!

So much detail and timeless looks.

I am excited London Fashion Week will show! Now that fashion week in NYC is over, its time for me to go shopping for some winter clothes. It has been chilly this week- its getting to that time! But since it ended up being in the sixty's toward the afternoon, I figured to try to fit in a couple more days of summer skirts.

So I dragged out one of my faves! Knee length high-low skirt

Skirt: Target Shirt: Forever 21 Belt: Target Necklace:Charming Charlie

I also have worn the skirt with this:

Shirt: Forever 21 Belt: Pimkie  Shoes: Target Watch: Michael Kors 

Along with enjoying fashion and the last few days of summer here in Minnesota-

I also would like to share a testimony on how Jesus continues to work in my life- and my family's life. 

I dont know about you, but sometimes- especially when I mess up- I feel down and start feeling lost in who I am, and in my faith. 

Jesus once told me that I would be a light to people and lead them to Him, but I found myself telling Him that I dont feel like a light and how could I possibly ever become one when I mess up a lot or that i hear from people Im close to some pretty negative things. Or they get mad that I talk about Jesus so much. 

Jesus reminded me that even the devil will use family members to bring you down- but to remember that people hated Jesus too- and those people who hated Him were part of the church. He is so faithful to me and He is such an Encourager that I just thanked Him and continued to try to be better.

The Word says that God will confirm is Word in two or three ways. Well, I was talking to someone about things that they were going through and I was just trying my best to be a shoulder for them. They turned to me and said "You know what? Sometimes you are the only light I see sometimes" and even though she didn't know it, she was confirming something for me as I was helping her. And then over the weekend I continued to have people say how much of a light I actually am. I was so thankful because I really needed that lift in my spirits. And I definitely got more than three confirmations! HE IS ALWAYS LISTENING! I love Him so much!

Thats what Jesus does- He brings us together to love, each other, build each other up, and bring us each closer to Him. He is so worthy, isnt He?

The Word says to turn the other cheek, and to be slow to speak, slow to anger, and quick to hear. So even if someone you love is putting you down, just remember by following what Jesus says, you will prosper, no matter what people think. Its about what Jesus thinks! & He always looks at the best in us- He is so good!  & if you do mess up, say some things you probably shouldnt have said, or reacted in ways that arent the best- ask for forgiveness and help to do better. Jesus is always there to forgive and help ANYONE. 

And thats why I call Him my Father- because I simply cant find any fault- & He is so good to me!

Hope you have all had a great week thus far- Talk to you soon :)

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