Monday, August 26, 2013

Happy Monday

Happy Monday!

It is super hot in Minneapolis today at 97 degrees! It is supposed to be like that all week too… I will be sweating when I head out to our state fair this week! But it’s worth it for all the good food you get there.  :)

When it’s hot- I know I just want to wear as little as possible. But because Target probably wouldn’t accept shorts and a tank top as appropriate dress code for work, I chose to do my favorite maxi skirt with a tank top.. It is always cold in the building so I wore a cardigan over my tank all day. But this was great for when I got off. Surprisingly, my maxi skirt isn’t hot at all. The light, flowy material make it comfortable and cool.

Speaking of fashion and outfits of the day… What did everyone think of the VMA’s? I unfortunately didn’t watch the whole thing but I did see the whole racy Miley Cyrus performance. I guess it’s safe to say that Hannah Montana is long gone, LOL. Although I didn’t watch the VMA’s- you know I kept up with the fashion! Who were your favorites?? Here’s a couple of my favorites:

Taylor Swift- she always knows how to look elegant but she had a nice edge with the black and red last night at the VMA’s.
Selena Gomez: Her dress was rockin' and so was she. She is definitely growing into a beautiful woman and I loved the straight hair with the long dress. The color looked great on her too- I loved the accent of green in her earrings!

In other news…

I am starting Focus T25 today! It’s a workout plan that is only 25 minutes!  I received it in the mail a while ago and did one or two workouts but just couldn’t get the motivation. But over the weekend I made a conscious decision to get back on my pursuit to lose weight! I have about 15 pounds I would like to lose but mostly, I just want to get in the habit of living a healthy lifestyle. Eating included. I did the Insanity workout 2 months ago and with the aid of a good diet, I lost 12 pounds and 3 inches everywhere! I have gained some of it back, but thanks to the knowledge I gained from my insanity workout and eating plan, I feel pretty confident with what foods will get me the best results. 

For breakfast, I drink a shakeology shake.. they are soooo good! I just blend ice, a scoop of shakeology, and almond milk… and that’s all I need to do to get a yummy breakfast.

For lunch I had a turkey burger ( no bun only mustard) with a homemade salad with balsamic vinegar for the dressing… so good!

For Dinner my boyfriend went out to dinner and splurged on some Noodles & Company- but thats okay! With the workout and the rest of the week, I should be able to make it up. (hopefully lol) 

If you want any information on the two workouts I mentioned, just ask! I am actually a team beach body coach ( it’s the company that make those workout videos) and can help you decide which workout would work best for you and also if you are interested in trying shakeology you can go through me too! (It’s from the same company!).

Here are my past results doing insanity:

Anything you put your mind to you can accomplish :)

Talk to you soon! 




  1. Very nice, Miss Aisha! And your boyfriend keeps telling ME how good Noodles & Company is; Hmmm...I'm still not ready to try it for some reason! : )

    -Mrs. Kandy-

  2. I think shakeology sounds interesting, because I love shakes! Also Miley Cyrus, what a joke! Lol


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