Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring is Here!

Hello Everyone! 
It has been almost a month since my last post and I am sincerely sorry! March has been a crazy month for me. School has been nuts, work has been crazy and then I got some vacation time in to enjoy Spring Break in Panama City Beach! I will be posting a few pics of the people and I who got to enjoy the experience together :)

So because Spring is here and the weather has been BEAUTIFUL in Minnesota, I want to do a post dedicated to Spring, giving you the 'ins" for the season and what I & others have been dragging out of their classes thus far! 

I also have an awesome addition for my blog! My boyfriend is a very talented producer/ musician and he is going to be putting his music on my blog to make it easier for our shared friends and followers to listen to his music! I am going to be putting a new song up of his with every blog post I do. Our goal is to put a beat or song up that matches the "theme" of my post! 

So as I mentioned, I went on a nice vacation with my friends from the U of MN and we had a great time! I was so excited to start wearing "lighter" clothes and more colors! Here is a few pics from the experience!

This was the first night we were in Panama City Beach! That night we decided to go the Club La Vela, which is a huge club right on the beach! I decided to wear a low neckline dress (to show some assets hehe) and customized it with a black belt to match part of the straps and then pocket lining of the dress. I added my favorite red, black and white zebra pumps and matched the red of the shoes with some red lipstick! You always have to add red to a black and white wardrobe, in my opinion! :) hehe. My friend Jessica took out her floral sun dress and wore it with such cute Steve Madden wedges! She also had a pair in black. Both outfits great for a night out in the Springtime because they are light, flowy and bright! :)
This was the third night we were there. We went to a great restaurant called MargheritaVille where there was a live band ( you can see in the background). And the food was awesome! The best quesadillas I have ever tasted! This night, I wore a tan low neckline tank with my favorite black pointy-shoulder blazer with dark blue skinny jeans and gold cork wedges. I matched the shoes with some gold accessories to tie the outfit together! Jessica wore another awesome sun dress that was floral with all the colors of the rainbow! As you can see! The bottom of the dress was at an angle to add flare to the dress! It was beautiful.

My outfit was more for a night out on town and jessica's was too, but you could also wear hers many other places! During the day, to the beach, out to dinner... thats the great thing about some dresses! You can wear them anywhere!

I just thought I would post a pic of my love and I. He was in Panama City a week before me but somehow arranged it for him to stay 3 more days so he could see and be with me! He is wearing one of my favorite shirts for him.. he looks so good in red! It is a Marc Ecko V- neck T but no guy can go wrong with a V neck T for any time of day. Simple, but sexy, in my opinion :) We had so much fun together and I think he would agree that those chicken quesadillas were the best, too :) haha!
This night, we went to a bar called Hammerhead Fred's.. which wasn't my favorite. Although the cover wasnt as high as other bars/clubs, it was very scattered and the dance floor was...different. But we still dressed to impress for a summer night! Jessica wore yet another colorful cute top and matched it with a pink skirt. She does such a great job with combining many colors! I wore a shear floral top that my mom got me for 8 dollars! and Wore them with white shorts and wore a tan belt. 

This was later in the week when we decided to dress up a little more and head to a REALLY fun bar called Sharky's. It was so fun.. although there were so many guys compared to girls! It was kind of funny, actually, haha. But This night I wore a brown/purple-ish fitted skirt and added a low cleavage tank with sheer sides, which went well with the color of the skirt. Then to add some sophistication to the outfit, I wore my black blazer over it. It can also get chilly in PCB at night so it was one way I wouldnt freeze! Such a fun night!
Our crew :)

This was the last full day we were in PCB :( we decided to take advantage of the beautiful day to take some pictures! Jessica and I also decided to go parasailing that day! It was an amazing experience and cannot wait to go again! 
One last photo of the sunset in PCB I took... It was so beautiful! Much needed vacation!

Now lets take a look @ some of my favorite Spring styles!
Anything bright, beautiful, colorful, shear, bold!

Pics from Pinterest :)
Sun dresses! :)

Bold, Bright, Colorful pants! And then wedges are my favorite shoe for summer :)

Cropped Shorts, Long flowy shirt with cool accessories :)
More sophisticated, high wasted shorts with striped blazer! LOVE

This is my favorite! Colorful and chic :)
Must have your cold shoes for the summer nights... I already bought these! hehe :)
Anything Shear!