Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pregnancy Fashion: Hide or Emphasize

When I was out shopping with my sister the other day, I couldn't help but notice the cute maternity clothes that some places had, even Target! In honor of my sister (& many others) being pregnant, I decided to do a pregnant fashion post because there are so many cute, fun, fashionable designs our for the spring/summer. 

Whether you are trying to cover and hide the bump, or emphasize it, here are some looks that maybe you would like to try, or your friend/sister/mother/cousin/daughter would like to try! :)

Although we dont all feel like we could be this cute while pregnant, we sure can try! :)  In a recent interview with Miranda Kerr on Ellen, she explained how taking proper vitamins was essential for her during pregnancy to bounce back quickly, along with using good lotion on her body multiple times a day!

With the fashion: Although this is a high fashion dress, this is something you could go for if you are going to something more formal, even when pregnant! Black is a natural slimming color so although it may not completely cover your bump, it will help with the slimming of you figure and help hide it a little bit.
I love Kourtney Kardashians fashion sense! This would be my personal way of dressing to impress while pregnant. A flowy black top with a blazer is a great way to cover the bump and look slimming. Who said you cant wear pleather pants while pregnant?? 
Wearing a printed top will take away from your growing bum as well. Jessica added a jacket on top to add accent her outfit. Did she have the baby yet??? lol

For those who want to emphasize your bump, this is a tasteful way to do that. A deep V neckline with a tight band along the waste emphasizes her bump and the polka dots vs. a solid color help keep the eye traveling than just focusing on one area AKA your baby bump.

This is a cute semi-poncho jacket that would be so cute to wear while pregnant. I personally love this style trench coat and would totally rock this! 

Is this not adorable? I love daring moms that can wear heels while pregnant! A simple tee and jeans with a faux fur vest and heels. Great way to have a simple, yet stylish look!
Another casual outfit for everyday, pregnant or not! adding a jacket and scarf is a great way to emphasize the outfit and keep the eye traveling rather than being focused on one thing.

This dress is a PERFECT dress to wear to help cover your baby bump. Great for summer but the ruffles will help add texture to the outfit so it will blend your baby bump better then without the dress gathering.

Those are just some styles that you could try. Pregnancy Fashion is one of my favorites because you get to add fun styles with such a beautiful thing! Here are some celebs that keep in style :)

Jessica Alba

Who doesnt love Jessica Alba??? From her quirky, bubbly personality to her rockin looks .. she is hard not to love. With her different looks she tries while pregnant, you can hardly even notice that she is indeed pregnant! Wearing jackets over your outfits is once again a great way to "camouflage" your baby bump :)
Beyonce Knowles
You know I can't forget about Beyonce! Not only am I her number one fan, but I idolize her on her sense of fashion. Here is some of her fun pregnancy looks.

Who said you cant wear a short, shiny cocktail dress when pregnant?? Beyonce doesnt take no for an answer to doing that and wearing her usual high heels. The design of the dress and the jacket over it camouflages her baby bump well. Does she look beautiful or what?!?

8 months pregnant... Can you tell??? Couldve fooled me. Covering her bump with a jacket and scarf made her look like she did 8 months before! Great look!
Some women may argue that they dont want to spend the money on maternity clothes because they will continue to grow and be done with them after 9 months. BUT you can get great deals on some maternity clothes and if you choose carefully, like black shirts, dresses, different blazers.. you can wear them for every pregnancy. Some things just dont go out of style! 

Also, if you dont think you will use them again or keep them for later pregnancy, getting great fashion will make it easier to get rid of them (like sell them or donate them) than throw them away. Your friends in family will be more interested in your pregnancy hand me downs. 

I have found great deals on pregnancy things (not for me haha) at places like Target, JCpenny, Nordstrom, Macy's, etc.. 

Try it! Embrace your baby bump through fashion! :)

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  1. I love Kourtney's style too. Soo glam and she makes it look soo easy


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