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Look & Feel Good in you skin.. & your clothes!

So I was asked to do a post about how to find clothes that will better fit your shape.. No matter what size you are. Those who wanted it, your wish has been granted! 

Today I am going to talk to you and help those in need to find certain colors, fits, styles and patterns that would better work for your figure.

One thing I want people to remember through all of this is to not pay attention to the size tags! Focus on finding things that make you look and feel great. Don't feel bad if the price tag says you are bigger or smaller than you want to be.

So to start, I think the best thing to do for this kind of posting is to show through pictures. That way you can get a visual idea of what point I am getting across! 

Rectangle Shape

Jewellery, chocolates, shoes… So many great things come in rectangle packages! Are you one of them? You most likely have a Rectangle body shape if:
o Your bust and shoulders are approximately the same width as your hips
o Your waist is not very defined, and is less than 8” smaller than your bust and hips
o You may have a broad back and a full neck, and your bust is small to medium in size
o You have proportionally slim legs and arms, and generally a flatter behind

The ultimate goal of all figures is to create an hourglass silhouette. The rectangle shape is well balanced and the focus should be on creating a defined waistline to create the illusion of a narrower waist.
V-necklines, U-necklines and other similar tops open your neckline and visually elongate your frame to balance out your wide torso. Tops that cinch just under the bust or at the waist will be flattering to your figure. Likewise, tops with details at the bust such as beading, sequins or ruffles will also be flattering.

You can also add dimension to your frame by using colors, patterns and accessories to break up your silhouette and create the illusion of curves. When wearing separates, a patterned top paired with a solid bottom and a thick belt at the waist or low slung around the hips will create the illusion of curves and dimension. Boot cut pants and fuller skirts such as A-line skirts and ones with pleats add a little volume to the hips to create the illusion of a curvy silhouette.
When you have legs, show them off! When I am feeling more bloated of I feel as though my stomach looks unflattering in something, I always pair my outfit up with a stylish jacket that will take the eyes away from my stomach. Its all about directing the eyes in certain places!

Notice how this model leads the eye to right under her bust with a low V neck dress and a tightening right under the bust. Also, adding those dark colors and patterns will create an illusion and hide all the unliked areas.

I like this picture because it shows a great jean cut with a patterned top and cropped cardigan. Perfect for a rectangle shape. Tucking in the shirt "seperates" the figure and adds curviture throught the cut in the jean and the top. wearing a pattern top hides the tummy and with the v neck shirts helps focus on the bust. Also notice she is adding bold jewelry to the outfit. Great focal point!

Great shirt to have if rectangle shaped. the shirt gets brought in right under the bust to add curve to your figure and notice the V neck!

floral top to with solid bottoms is a great way to seperate parts of your figure and create a feel and look of a curvy sillouhette. notice the pointy toes to longate the legs to add length to her figure and curves. Adding a thin belt also creates a illusion of curves.

Having patterns in different places helps the eye to travel. Also, those who have a fuller wasteline I always suggest wrap dresses or dresses that have a diagonal pattern or tie. It helps you look thinner.

Seperating the figure is an important factor in creating a hourglass look. Love this!

You guys are lucky because wearing bold jewelry is a huge benefit! Pair your outfits with jewelry that shine and will not only accentuate your outfit, but add to your sillouhette! 

Hourglass Shape 
Probably the most coveted of curvy shapes is the hourglass. It’s never too late to show off your classic curves! You are an Hourglass shape if:
o Your bust and hips are curvy, and similarly proportioned
o You waist is defined, approximately 8-12” smaller than your bust and hips
o If you gain weight, it is generally distributed evenly throughout your body

Although the hourglass shape is said to be the most desirable shape for a woman, believe me, its not the easiest to dress. It is hard because one can be top and bottom heavy with a thinner waist, therefore causing problems with fitting pants, and getting a shirt to look and fit correctly. 

So if you are an hourglass shape, you want to really emphasize your waist. Show of that teeny part of your body! You can do that by wearing:
  • V-Neck tops that are tighter in the waistline
  • Belts around the middle of the waist to emphasize the curve
Pants that are the best to wear for those with this particular shape are boot cut or slightly flared jeans. Although, I wear stretchy "jeggings" that tend to be "skinnier" jeans. I will say they make me look bigger than I feel a boot cut jean would make me look.

Here is some outfits that could work for you :)
Great dress. Emphasizing the bust and then tightning around the waist. such a gorgeous look for someone who can pull it off.

you know KK would make it up on the hourglass figure section. Again, Tighten the waist to accentuate your curves and notice the V neck! 

Great flared Jean that Salma has on. Flared is a good look for hourglass figures!

Great boot cut jean for the beautiful and curvacious Scarlett Johansson! Adding high heels will make you look taller and leaner.

Apple Shape
If your waist or upper hip measurements are greater than your lower hip measurement (the widest part of your butt), you most likely have an Apple body shape. Apple shapes usually have:
o A top heavy shape
o Thinner legs and a flatter bottom
o Wider, defined shoulders
o A more generous bust and especially a larger waistline and stomach.

Things to focus on with your dresscode if you are an apple shape are:

  • Wearing V neck shirts, darker colored.
  • Wearing shirts with an empire waistline to emphasize the bust and take the eye away from your waist.
  • wear straight line pants to create an even look from head to toe. 
  • Find a skirt that will minimize your mid section. ( A skirt with a full sillouhette or a skirt that has a higher waistline. Dont wear mini- skirts!)

Celebrities Queen Latifah and Sara Ramirez (Grey’s Anatomy) are both confident Apple shapes that know how to dress for their bodies. 

Here are some great examples you could show off! :)
This is great. A straight leg jean with a printed top that is a loose fit with the lower part of the shirt that tightens to create an illusion of an hourglass shape. The necklace is bold and directs the eye down to the slimmer part of the shirt and the jean.

Good example of a formal dress for an apple shape. Although very form fitting, notice that it has an empire waistline and V neckline to emphasize the bust and create an hourglass effect. 

Heres a cute casual look. Again that empire waistline with a flowy bottom and a great pattern and color. having a bright color but putting it with dark colors will help tone down the brightness of the outfit. Great choice!

Pear Shape
If your hip measurement is quite a bit greater than your bust measurement, consider yourself a Pear shape!  Pear shapes usually have:

  •  A bottom heavy shape
  • A thin and slender neck
  •  Narrow or sloping shoulders
  • Larger and more generous lower hips and thighs

Pear shapes are such a great shape (in my opinion!) you have a small top but those nice hips! Some say its hard though to not gain too much weight in the hip area. But anyways, if you have a pear shape, here are things to focus on to make the most of your sillouhette! :)

  • Wear darker jeans with lighter or patterned tops. It will bring people's attention upward instead of downward and hide all the unwanted areas of your lower half.
  • Show off your bustline and shoulders! You are petite on top, so I bet you have some beautiful shoulders! Show them off as well as your bust and create that hourglass effect.
  • Wear jackets and blazers. It will create an even look down your figure.
  • Gor for clean, tailored lines on your pants. 
  • Wear flared jeans to help relieve the wideness of your hip area.
Follow in the footsteps of celebrities like Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez who have popularized this feminine body shape and celebrate your curves!
Great look for B. Wearing the dark jeans we talked about with a lighter top and making use of that jacket!

Same with Alicia, Wearing very dark jeans, a lower neckline shirt and a bright jacket to lead the eyes in the middle of her figure.

I put this pic up because of the deep neckoine and flared jeans. Lookin good!

This may be hard to see but you can notice the flared jean and lighter top to take away from her hips! Because we all know she has some! ;)

I hope this helped you guys! Let me know if you have any questions or if you feel I left anything out! 

Love you ALL!



  1. Depending on what I wear my shape (not literally, but looks different) changes. I can easily go from an hour glass to a pear shape fast. Thanks for the tips!

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